Better Days

Well today ended (not that it’s over yet) on a much brighter note. We spent the afternoon finishing making a huge raised bed in the garden for me to plant my veggies in and then we lay on the lawn, my son playing his guitar and me finishing off reading Animal Farm to him. Then I thought, do you know what? Sod it, he’s been asking to go see Motley Crue in concert for ages so I got us tickets for half term to go to see them in New York. He has no idea and he will flip when he finds out. I forfeited my holiday this year and our planned house move for reasons I’ll delve into at some point so I figured we only live once and memories are there to be made. The daughter is in on the surprise and has arranged to take time off to come with us, we we’re heading off on the premise that we’re meeting her in London for a weekend and the cat will slip out of the bag when we get to Heathrow T5 and he will probably put two and two together and near implode with excitement.

I don’t often get upset but when I do it prompts me to do something grand, a throw caution to the wind moment. I can’t wait to shop, last time we went to NYC we arrived on New Year’s Eve with two handbags, the customs guys thought it was bizarre that we had no luggage at all but you can buy things in New York… lots of things. I’m going to be so much slimmer too, I can’t wait to feel the slack in the seat belt and get that lap tray down without squeezing my belly over the top πŸ˜€





10 thoughts on “Better Days”

    1. Should be, we’ve been wanting to go back since our last visit and now the daughter pays for herself and half her brother’s fare it makes it even more appealing πŸ™‚ It’s wonderful when they can pay their share of the trip… something I hadn’t factored in.


  1. What an awesome surprise that will be! A great way to build some special memories πŸ™‚ I took my whole family to New York a few years ago at Christmas and we do have special memories.


    1. It’s magical at that time of year. We last went for NYE and all of the Christmas decs were still in place, the huge Rockefeller Christmas tree and ice rink and we saw a guy have the rink cleared and propose to his girlfriend under the tree it was awesome! It was very cold but not a lot of people around after 1st Jan and so we wrapped up and did lots of the touristy things without the queues it was lovely and we sneaked in a trip to Florida for a week for some sunshine before we came home too which was awesome. Can’t wait to go back… trips like that you just know are firmly in the memory bank.


    1. Its a rock band somehow my son developed a liking for 80’s rock. Gums and Roses and Motley Crue are his favourites. We already have tickets to see Slash again in UK that’s the guitar god from GnR he brainwashes me into liking their music through over exposure then angles for the gig


    1. He developped a love of 80’s rock from where I do not know. I listen to him play the stuff on his ipod and on his guitar A LOT. He will be ecstatic and it will be his birthday too so there will be cake to be had in New York too… last time I believe I ate a little too much cake and cheese cake while there and waayyyy too many bagels.


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