A teacher on summer break sees Saturday about the same as any other day, they all begin to blur into one, especially without the daughter at home so there are no working people in the household and now as school’s out for summer there are no student types here either. But it’s not a household lacking in activity.

We made the raised beds this week and have them lined and filled with soil all ready to have things planted and transplanted into them. I bought a couple of nifty covers for them, one is PVC and creates a greenhouse effect  in there as well as protecting from pests and the other is a mesh which just protects from pests. This should keep my pesticide use to a minimum and hopefully I won’t need any at all although I doubt that. I am going to try organic pesticides if I need them and am preparing a batch of the first one recommended here as we speak/write/whatever: so I have it ready but there are premade ones you can buy online.

The beds are 8 feet long by 4 feet wide and 3 feet high which gives some fab depth for planting but also makes gardening, weeding and pest checking less of a chore and more likely to be done effectively. I just used 1 foot by 8 foot planks of cedar which I read is resistant to mould, pest and rot. I didn’t put a bottom on them just set them into the ground and filled the bottom with gravel and then put organic topsoil on top of that and then on top of that organic veggie top soil. It wasn’t so expensive in the end, I used an online company and it worked out at £70-£80 for bulk 25ltr bags depending on the grade of soil.

It’s really a hobby now but I figure the whole project will pay for itself in time and we will have the knowledge that our veggies or at least some of them are definitely organic. I’m going to try some fruits but that can wait until I get the veggies under control. The beds are nice and big and have lots of room especially with only planting a couple of things a week to get that staggering going. I’ve also been advised to switch around where I plant things so it’s probably going to wind up looking like a bit of a salad bowl waiting to happen rather than neat regimented rows of everything… I like the sound of that better.

I already container grow a huge range of herbs and spinach and mixed salad leaves and recently planted some beetroot and I have tomatoes growing indoors and also started off some capsicums recently which all seem to be thriving in the sunny back porch. I grow wheatgrass too, that’s easy to do and harvesting and juicing it is a simple affair.

I’m going to transplant the beetroot to the raised beds and include cabbage, carrots, potatoes and courgettes as well as cucumbers before it’s too late. I’m also planting a variety of onions and garlic as I get through so much of it all. I’m staggering the planting so that I can pick and eat and try avoiding stockpiling. I bought my organic seeds from Tamar Organics here:

I’ve got some home made compost from my compost bin and am hoping that I have harvested enough rain water to use that to water them and to continue to do so. I want to get this as near natural as possible.

My son was quite involved and interested in what was happening and I’m hoping that he will continue to be interested and to help out and that it will build some good habits in him as he thinks about where his food comes from and what’s been done to it. I can’t grow everything we use but I can grow some of what we use and it’s a start and better than nothing. I’d love to have chickens and fresh eggs every day and a cow with real milk every day but that’s not happening anytime soon so it can stay on the pipe dream list for now.

So today we’re going to finish up some of the painting we’ve got going on in the hall stairs and landing, we finished all of the wood work and we’ve done most of the walls but we need to do another coat and finish off. That’s been our evening activity when the sun’s gone down and the heat’s subsided the paint brushes come out. Then I’m going to make some mirrored panels for the hall and up the stairs, something I saw on a DIY show and loved, I think they will really bring light into the space and I’m not as scared of mirrors anymore so thought I’d celebrate by having them everywhere. It will be time for the carpet to be fitted then and it will all look beautiful and welcoming when the furniture is put back and there are flowers and pretty things in there again.

Everything will stop just after lunch though as we make our way over to the beach for the annual air show, it’s promising to be a good one this year with the Red Arrows formation team, Red Bull stunt team and Top Gear are also down there, no body is sure what is going on but they  have a huge trailer out there already and BBC have cordoned off big areas and are setting up something, there are rumours that it’s going to be The Stig racing along the beach to a Red Arrows jet overhead although I can’t imagine that ever being a fair race. No doubt the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight will make its appearance as usual and we’ll get to hear those noisy old planes once again and cast our minds back to the war days and how it must have felt to have the skies full of them.

It’s going to be a good one and I’ve been so totally angelic with my eating habits this week and I have exercised almost constantly from waking to sleeping what with my usual exercise and then Shaun T on top of that and the decorating and gardening projects and the biking (ouch I didn’t update on the sore buttocks but you can imagine I’m sure) I think I’ve earned myself an ice cream today and a lovely big pot of cockles in vinegar. I’m going down there with my boy but no doubt he will peel off to meet friends and I have plans to do the same to meet up with a couple of my own friends so it should be a glorious day, the sun is out and it’s hot already and I have a feeling this little old town is about to get pretty busy.

Have a healthy active fun weekend whatever you’re doing.


5 thoughts on “Saturday”

  1. Wow, you’re accomplishing so much! I love all your gardening, so healthy. The mirror idea sounds really nice. It’s pretty nice too that you’re not avoiding them 🙂


  2. I’m about to have another go at simply basil and parsely. They’re the two herbs I use most, and both as produced by growers now taste like … I dunno, really – but they sure don’t taste like they used to. Only solution is to grow my own. Major thing for me. I’m full of admiration about all the above, M – goodonyer !!!!


  3. I love reading about your days Michelle, but they make me feel so lazy. Well, I suppose that is because I am. [sigh] My compost bin is bigger than your garden beds. We had a fit of yard cleaning early this year, and I threw all the long grass, weeds and broken up small branches in there, as well as soil from the previous compost pile. It still has plenty of room in it, but there are plenty of weeds and grass to put in, more growing all the time! I’m hoping to grow pumpkins in it, this first year, and vegies and herbs after that. I’ll need to buy in some soil first. Well done. 😀


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