Latest Weightloss Stats

So I mentioned this briefly on my last mish mash emotional wreck post but here are the official stats:

Since my last weigh in 10 days ago I have lost 7lbs so a total loss of 57lbs since I embarked on this life changing expedition in April. In the UK that’s 4st 1lb and for those folk who measure in kilos its about 26kgs. The gory details are here: Mich’s Stats

So Tracey (my visualisation of the first 140lbs of my weight loss, symbolising the extra person I’m carrying around with me) is another chunk missing 😀 Look at her disappearing 8/20 chunks gone and never to return:


If you’ve got a lot to lose and are thinking this is a bit slow it’s because I’m doing it in a healthy way, I have blips, I eat tons and I might not be shedding dozens of pounds a week but I’m so much more healthy and my body is functioning so much better physically, emotionally and mentally. Everyone does diets their way and I’ve tried every way but this is the healthy way, the best way for me to sustain, this is not a quick fix it is a new lifestyle and has to be or else that weight will come piling back on just like it has so many times before. This is different, this is a mental, emotional and physical assault on my issues with food and a total change of habit. It’s working.




18 thoughts on “Latest Weightloss Stats”

    1. Thank you, I’m soldiering on and this week is going to be a sinch with my house guest, I’ll probably be too nervous to eat anyway. I’m just hoping my exercise doesn’t go out of the window I’ll have to make sure it doesn’t.


    1. It’s a really good motivator. I use a few visual motivators. I have this on an A1 piece of card in my dining room and we actually take the pieces of her away, it helps it being in the dining room. I also have a picture of a pound of fat which I printed out on little business card sized pieces of paper and I stick them onto a pin board in the kitchen so I have a kind of pyramid at the moment of 57 of these pieces of fat. I have a little bucket hanging from the pin board which had 100 pieces of fat in it so the amount in the bucket is dwindling and now I have more on the pinboard than in the bucket which, believe it or not saved me from eating a choc bar my son had left lying on the side in the kitchen today. I was about to eat it and looked at the pinboard and popped it in the fridge for him for later. I also saw a guy who had two glass jars, one had 100 glass marbles or beads in it and he would move the amount of beads he had lost in weight to the empty jar each tie he weighed, that’s a great visual which I plan to use later on, after Tracey.

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    1. Thanks it’s a good visual and I need visuals, I have problems noticing the loss on my self due to years of having a warped perception of myself in a mirror… even when I’m a size 12 I see a size 26 person so having other visuals helps me to realise that there are changes going on.


  1. That’s so awesome!! I’m glad to see Tracy is disappearing! You’re so right about everyone needing to find their own way to lose weight. I’m a person who needs the kind of structure and accountability that comes with doing a program. I may have to stick with weighing in with some one once a week for the rest of my life!


    1. We are all so different, some need the strictness of not eating food at all and find plans that have meal substitutes shakes or juices work for them. Some have to totally restrict a certain food or just stick to one meal plan repeated over and over. Some need to weigh every day and meticulously record their food eaten or weigh everything. As long as you’re getting the required nutrients and you’re feeling good and it works for you then do it that way but I think we also need to address the emotional issues related to food to win the battle long term… those of us who binge eat/over eat just the same as any other eating disorder where food becomes a control or punishment for something deep seated within our emotional selves.


      1. I couldn’t agree more about dealing with the emotional issues associated with weight. I’ve been seeing a counselor an average of every other week since I began my loss. I have anxiety that I’m finally dealing with after nearly 30 years. I think you’re doing really well. A slow loss is usually a well maintained loss according to my doctor. Just keep up what you’re doing, because you’re doing great! 🙂


  2. DO NOT APOLOGISE TO ANYONE !!!! A reader who thinks you’re going too slow is a stupid person, and that’s the bottom line. Everyone knows now that weight loss has to be done slowly; and everyone knows that one has good days and bad days. And if a reader who is on a weight loss program is thinking critically of the speed of your loss, that person will not succeed. You will, M.


    1. Thank you M-R and you’re so right. I was just aware of the programmes that make people lose 10 stone in a month and if people with a lot to lose like me have been sold that idea and read this they may find my slow progress a little off putting… if I’m half the size I was in April 2014 by August 2015 I’ll be happy, it’s staying there that is going to be my prime concern.


      1. Rightly so, M. The journey is challening and fun; the destination difficult. You’ll need a lot of help from your kids – and they won’t let you down.


  3. Wonderful progress 🙂 And even though in the total loss stakes you and I are nearly exactly neck and neck, as you so rightly point out, progress is an individual thing and it will happen in its own time when our bodies are ready to shed some more. It is no race – the only person that I am measuring my weight loss against is me! I do like the idea of the visualisations, especially the marble one. I think I might have to investigate that!


    1. So true and the interesting thing is we’re both doing it in a very wholesome way so that has to speak volumes about a steady, healthy loss really that on other sides of the world we’re on the same kind of loss stats. I find that hugely reassuring.

      I love the marble one, I’m going to use that after Tracey has gone, although I’m never going to let her go, I’m going to have her outline as a reminder forever, I might even make a little Tracey headstone visual to stick on the fridge, sounds morbid but suits my humour and will be a lasting reminder of my efforts… maybe a Eulogy instead of a head stone who knows how whacky I’ll feel by then?

      I’ll still have around 30-40 lbs that I’d like to lose once Tracey has gone so I’ll need something to get me through.


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