A New Exercise To Add To The Mix

OK so a quick blogging fix while I have some down time from entertaining my house guest who has taken it upon himself to ban me from the kitchen while he prepares a breakfast extravaganza which I am assured is going to use only the finest of my fine ingredients and no fat will be involved in the making of the meal except a bit of milk and butter… I could get used to this.

We had a beautiful day yesterday which was unexpectedly romantic, I’m not a romance person but I handled the roses and champagne well I must say. I was slightly thrown by it but soon adjusted my expectations. We had a lovely long walk on the beach, some fresh air and lots of sunshine after a delicious chicken salad lunch prepared by myself at home and in the evening we dressed up (thank goodness I’ve shrunken considerably and had a range of not worn or never worn in years outfits to choose from) and went Thai which was delicious and we added more bubbles. 

From all the bubbly and lovely food and fresh sea air and his drive we were shattered and had an early night (for me, the night owl who never sleeps) and planned to go down to the beach early this morning for some sunrise tai chi (I didn’t know that he is an avid practitioner so I was up for a lesson having tried it in the past and liked it… I was surprised by how it actually exercises muscles with the intense focus on the movement so was keen to have a go).

We arrived at the beach just as the sun was appearing over the horizon and I can tell you it was images
the single most exhilarating and at the same time deeply relaxing activity I’ve ever done… I don’t know, something about that beautiful snap of the early morning, the freshness of a new day, the colours of sunrise, the fresh air, the water lapping on the beach, the cool sand underfoot, even the seagulls squawking over head, the coolness of the night being replaced by the warmth of the sun, the world waking up, the peace and just the wholesomeness of the activity I guess just blew my socks off (well it would have if I’d had some on, let’s say it almost shattered my toe nail polish).

I think it all just combined to stimulate all senses and for a hedonist like me that was true perfection. I highly recommend giving it a go and for those who are not very mobile yet or seriously overweight like me it is something anyone can do and if you’re a bit conscious of exercising in front of other people you should be able to find a secluded spot all to yourself… if not on a beach then in a woods, a field, even your garden… it’s very stimulating and will be so good for your mental state as well as physical. Just getting outdoors is good and I know that when you’re morbidly obese doing that doesn’t seem like fun but give it a go, you’ll feel better for it I promise 😀

My friend loved it too, it was a first for him being a city boy and not getting out of it very much at all he found it a bit of a Tai Chi’ers dream come true and kept reminding me how lucky I was to live so close to a beach and the sea. Something my city friends always harp on about when they come visit and something I take way too much for granted and I realise now, don’t really  make the most of.

Anyway it was all very City of Angels. However if you watch this short clip from the movie neither of us were wearing long black coats, were short fat bald guys or went skinny dipping…

So today we have a drive out to the countryside planned (I’m even luckier I’m told to be sandwiched between the sea and miles and miles of gorgeous countryside), we don’t call it lucky around here, we call it isolated.

We’re going to spend some time exploring some parts of the Yorkshire countryside and take a pic nic lunch and then I’ve promised a tour of York itself in all its beautiful ancient historic glory. Tonight we’re going to eat at home, rustling up a sea food feast for dinner. 

I didn’t want to come across all anal but I have to stick to my three meals a day and I have to plan everything out or else I’m going to really come a cropper over these few days, feeling happy and in good company and in the holiday spirit is going to lower my defences and make me throw caution to the wind, I know it is so I have to plan to prevent that from happening. I’ve explained to him and he is supportive.

This in itself is a first, I would never usually tell someone what I was doing in my efforts to lose weight simply because of past experiences. I remember as a kid being mocked for being on a diet and I just hate people knowing. But I don’t usually have someone staying with me 24/7 and so I have to be honest about what I’m doing and why so that I don’t fall off the wagon.

Besides this is so important to me now that it is a part of who I am, the healthy focus, the recognition of danger spots the planning to avoid them, the crazy routines and rituals, the blogging to help me make sense of it all and to get through it, it’s all me and I’m not stopping that and I’m not going to hide it from anyone who matters. Thankfully this time it was safe to be open about it and it was met with nothing but encouragement and support and understanding, this guy is all over self healing and health and bolstering the mind and body and getting them working in harmony and I’m feeling good about having a friend who understands without having been there, they are rare.

It is strange how our selves have evolved over the years in very similar ways. I’m enjoying this companionship and I’m feeling very blessed at the moment to have had this opportunity to indulge spontaneously in the strengthening of a long friendship, for how the stars aligned to allow me to be free to do this, no kids, no work, no pressures. I’m feeling very lucky right now.

What is more if this had happened last summer… well it wouldn’t have happened last summer. I wouldn’t have allowed anyone to visit, I couldn’t have been hospitable, I couldn’t have managed a conversation on the level we’ve been conversing at, I would have been mortified at the thought of anyone even seeing me and on a practical level I couldn’t have walked or exercised. images (1)

OK so now house guest dude is standing looking at me with a breakfast tray in his hands wondering why I’m crying onto my laptop so it’s time for me to head off… love yourself today and make one change, just one 😀 x



9 thoughts on “A New Exercise To Add To The Mix”

  1. Hmmmmm….didn’t I say that I thought it was romantic? 😉 From L.A. Story: “Let your mind go and your body will follow.”. It sounds like you’re in a magical place right now. Enjoy yourself!


    1. Haha, you were right Rob, I really didn’t see it as a romantic interlude I thought there may be a possibility of a development but just saw it as a visit from a friend, however he set the pace from the start and I fear I’ve been swept off my feet for the first time in a very long time. Got them on the ground again even though my daughter has told me to just yield and be swept away and throw caution to the wind… I’m trying.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. You are so right I am living life again, I hadn’t realised how closed down I’d become. I’m having fun and it’s so good to spend some time catching up properly on all of the years in between and reminiscing.


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