Going to a Party

So, I’m in that odd position where I’m going to a party in Manchester for a mutual friend’s 50th and I’m ready before my friend has even made the shower. What happened to women taking hours to get ready? We’re over-nighting so the hotel’s booked and the bag is packed. We’d both been invited a while ago but neither of us felt we’d be able to make it so it is a last minute decision to go and we’ve not told our host yet so he will be delighted when we turn up and perhaps a little shocked when we arrive together.

So the outfit: I’m fortunate that my legs belie my size and due to exercise have returned quite quickly to their former slenderness… well they are certainly getting there let’s put it that way.  I pinched a pair of my daughter’s killer heels which I am confidently managing to strutt around in… tonight I’m in tight jeans (you know the stretchy pretend jeggings? To haul over my girth but cling to my only good feature) they are black with a bit of a sheen and the heels are shocking pink covered in glitter with a shocking pink chiffon kimono style top with a camisole under layer which is covering a multitude of bumps and lumps. I’ve got my even more sunkissed hair down and curly and tons of slap on and I’m feeling pretty good with my tan from the past few days. I’ve also pinched (from my daughter’s room) a lovely glittery black clutch bag.. I’m so glad she didn’t take everything 😀 and I’m so glad she made me buy this top,it’s flowy and floaty and gorgeous and I feel a million dollars.

I’ve been sitting catching up on some blogging after having a quick conversation with each of my kids who are having a great time doing their own things. The boy is loving tennis camp but has a twisted ankle, he is refusing to let it get him down or stop him playing though. The girl is just loving her city life and new job and being the young exec.

Today we mostly just hung out, Nick had to do a bit of work earlier which left me some blogging time 😀 I’m full of things to blog about at the moment and keep tapping out starter posts so I don’t forget.

We’ve been good food wise, a nice breakfast of smoked fish, scrambled eggs and lots of fruit. For lunch we had some grilled veg kebabs and just before I got ready we had a light salade nicoise with boiled eggs, olives and fresh seared tuna as opposed to tinned stuff.

We Tai-chi’d again this morning and it inspired me to write something which I will hopefully get to finish off and post tomorrow evening and we went for a row this afternoon which was something I’ve not done for a while and it was such fun! He joined me earlier doing Hip Hop Abs so that was a hoot.

I think I’m enjoying this visit and I think I will miss him when he goes. but tonight we drink and dance and I really can not wait!

You know what? So many of your words are ringing in my ears right now, my wonderful blogging community friends, I keep having moments of insecurity and I hear you guys urging me on, telling me to enjoy myself and go for it and to just throw caution to the wind, M-R swearing at me for being a drip and I feel your good will towards me, your desire to see me get better and to be happy and it means the world to me… I’m so grateful for all of you. You all help and make a difference. Thank you xxx


10 thoughts on “Going to a Party”

  1. I hope you have a wonderful party. It sounds like life is good, you are on a positive roll. Tai Chi is good but harder than it looks. I did a 6 week course. Left me exhausted. I think dancing is more fun if you are in the mood. Keep it up and you’ll be on cloud nine.


    1. Thank you, dancing was fun! The first time I did Tai Chi was about 6 years ago and I only ever went to one session and I thought it would be easy and I was so surprised at how intense it is and how much I ached the next day and I’m certainly feeling the burn this week, missing it this morning.


    1. I did! It was awesome even though it was past midnight when we arrived, but it was just getting into full swing then and it didn’t take long to catch up. Danced til 4am and was woken up with breakfast at 7.30 😦 Can tell I didn’t book the room service. Feet need plunging into icy water and have a heavy head but it was wonderful meeting up with old friends and making new ones.


  2. I ? – swearing ? You have me confused with someone else. Not. [grin]
    I believe I probably get stuck into you because I want you to do better than you’ve already done, so I can live vicariously all that weight loss ! [grin]
    Outfit sounds super, M, but I do hate you a lot for having good legs. I inherited my mother’s, and the less said about ’em the better.


    1. Haha M-R… I was the only daughter who inherited my dad’s fabulous legs and broad shoulders and my kids got them too,hence my son being followed around tennis courts by hoards of adoring females. Another thing my sisters hated me for as they inherited my mother’s. I thought I had lost them forever but with a bit of attention they are well on the way back.


      1. What you’re giving ’em is more than a bit of attention, M – you’re giving them the chance to shine again. As well as all the other bits ! 😀


  3. Sounds like you had a ton of fun! Your attitude is really inspiring and I like your honesty about still having doubts. I really try to recognize my doubts as lies and believe that I am worth all that prettiness and deserve to have fun, so hearing your story reminds me to do that!! My legs are my best feature too! I love looking at them now they’re lean and all tanned. They don’t tell of my fat middle at all 🙂


    1. thank you Cynthia. I think it will be a while before all of my angst is gone but I feel that it is possible to get rid of it all now, something i didn’t realise before and I can see it all now. It’s like before it was this huge obscure bundle covered in a blanket that I was just lugging around on my back but now I can make out the individual pieces, I know what they are and I can take each one down and deal with it, piece by piece and the burden is getting lighter all the time. Thank you for your inspiration and encouragement, I’m going to need lots of it to get me along the path a bit further. Sometimes I see fat people who carry their weight on their legs and bum and have a slimmer waist and I envy them so much having a shape but then I look at my pins in tight pants (the stretchy bit hidden under a floaty top) or at how I already feel confident wearing a maxi with a split and I think… hmm the grass isn’t always greener. I think it also helps me with exercise as I don’t have issues with my legs, such as painful swollen legs or too much of a chaffing issue so I think the lack of waist is a decent enough trade off. I did get to a point where I looked at my legs and thought “where did the come from?” and thank fully they forgave me and got back in shape quick. It’s lovely seeing my old body re-emerge. I keep on saying that our bodies are very forgiving and I really believe they are.


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