Sharing My Goals

Following on from my Targets and Goals Post I thought I’d share my own list of goals. These are my long term goals, my shorter term targets are not so clearly displayed and are on post it notes scattered around the house as I write them as they come to mind and they change and become achieved so fast that they are difficult to keep a track of. Although what I do is when I have achieved one I don’t just throw it away, I stick it to an old clipboard in my bedroom and now and then I read through them and remind myself of how many targets I’ve reached and how my objectives shift and change as I change. It’s quite useful for motivation.

Just click on the link below and it should open a PDF.


I do a lot of motivational things and use visual goals and progress monitors a lot it’s just because it suits me, I like that kind of thing, it appeals and it inspires and I know I need it. It’s not for everyone but it really helps me.

Anyway, these are my long term goals and some of them I’d say I’m close to achieving or have achieved already after just a few months. It makes me feel like I’m winning… which I am!



8 thoughts on “Sharing My Goals”

    1. So true! I have kept them under wraps but I just felt I needed to share them now, probably because I actually believe I can achieve them and that is partly due to what you say, enjoying the journey more than I could have imagined possible. thank you for you comment


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