Update on the situation

Well we had a lovely day yesterday exploring Yorkshire in the sunshine and heat. I have never been as pleased that I started my healthy lifestyle when I did, I surely couldn’t have managed a tenth of the walking I’ve done and the elegant descent and rise from sitting on the ground when taking my picnic position would have been impossible a couple of months ago.

Nick prepared breakfast yesterday and it was one of those ‘like a King’ versions. We had omelettes, three varieties one was spicy with chilies and peppers and coriander another was a simple soft cheese one where he’d mixed some soft white cheese in with the eggs and thrown a handful of herbs in with it and the final one was filled with three types of mushroom. We had smoked salmon and half a toasted bagel each and we had skewered cherry tomatoes and button mushrooms with a tiny roll of ham which had been lightly grilled – breakfast kebabs! I’ve never done that before. We also had a platter of exotic fruits (brought by my guest) including guava, mango, pineapple, star fruit, papaya. We had freshly squeezed orange juice, iced water and white tea.

I was full to bursting after it all. He had also dug out my picnic basket and a cool box and he prepared the picnic for later which was all about the champagne and strawberries and tiny cucumber and salmon sandwiches and little skewers of berries with a yoghurt dip. It was very delicious and refreshing and we ate it in the grounds of 14 centuries old Ripon Cathedral after a coastal drive which then diverted inland en route to York.

Due to the drive Nick barely wet his lips with champagne but I had a good glug of the stuff 🙂 I was in true holiday spirit. 

We finished off the picnic when we arrived in York and he was able to have a little more of the champers knowing he wouldn’t be driving for hours. It was lovely. We walked around those ancient old streets, sat and had a couple of cups of tea in pavement cafes resisted cream teas, chatted to other tourists and locals, wandered along the ancient city walls, took a boat trip up the river, did a little bit of shopping buying some gifts for the children and then we headed home later than we’d planned but we soon made it and I prepared dinner while he had a shower and it was all very ordinary and civilised.  Dinner was quick and easy, wholemeal pitta bread pizzas (from a recipe shared with me by the lovely M-R Stringer) and a tossed green salad. It was all we needed.

I realised that I quite enjoy his companionship but at the same time I’m often a very solitary person. I think it comes from being a teacher and having to speak to whole groups of people constantly, I think I need solitude and silence now and then to balance that out. I’m worried that being around someone all of the time is going to start to irritate me sooner or later, I hope it doesn’t and I’m trying not to think about it and trying not to do anything more than my daughter advised and just enjoy what is happening and let it happen without thinking of what happened before or what will happen next. There is no time limit on this visit, when his office needs him or his kids need him or when I need him to he’ll go back, that’s the only plan so far. In the mean time I don’t feel like a performing puppy, we’re quite content with silence and one another’s company so I don’t know why I’m even stressing.

I wore a lovely dress yesterday one I bought a while ago but didn’t fit at all.  It was a navy coloured fabric with tiny daisies on it and it was much the same style as the maxi I wore the other week only this has capped sleeves and is slightly straighter in the skirt and so has a high split for moveability. I tried it two weeks ago and it was still a bit tight under the bust but now it fits perfectly and was very cool and swishy. I wore white canvas pumps as I knew we’d be walking a fair bit and took some pretty white leather sandals in my bag just in case I needed to dress it up a bit , I had my hair up and just let my fringe sweep down on one side and felt very cool and fresh all day. 

Sometimes I believe life tries to prepare us for things that we don’t know are going to happen and it’s entirely up to us if we heed the call or not. If only we could see the bigger picture! I’m such an impatient soul. 



3 thoughts on “Update on the situation”

  1. I like my solitary time as well, and my wife respects that. When I need it, I simply go off to another part of the house or my yard. It seems like things are going very well right now. Float on that breeze and see where you land. 🙂


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