Party Time

Well the party was superb! We arrived around midnight when it was all in full swing and soon caught up with everyone else. Dancing was definitely done so I think I had my quota of exercise for yesterday eventually.

After staggering to bed after 4am this morning an ill timed room service breakfast booking was a rude awakening at around 7am ūüė¶ ¬†But it was delicious and after a bit of semi hungover, trying to get back to sleep and failing miserably languishing I left my companion and had a short half hour gym session (in my pyjama bottoms and Nick’s PJ ¬†t-shirt and some canvas pumps – none of the one other people there seemed to notice) and then I took a chance on nobody coming into the steam room and flushed the toxins out sitting there in my underwear for ten minutes. ¬†It’s so long since I went to a gym or steam room so it felt very good and I think I may be at the point now where I can do this at home. Fortunately nobody came in and I didn’t cause panic in Manchester.

I’m getting brave huh? I can’t stop singing this in my head (not because of the love connection, because of the life connection). I mentioned this lady a while back and how she had been used in a very negative way in my life and it feels good to be associating her voice with positivity now.

Anyway then I had a shower and a pampering foot massage while I read blogs and blogged a bit myself. Nick wrote a book a while ago and it’s very good but he’s never really tried to do anything with it, I read it a couple of years ago and urged him to get it published or to self publish. He’s not a blogger but has been an interested observer these past couple of days and I think he’s going to set up a blog and use it to share his book. I hope so as it’s a fabulous unique story and history, a tragedy and a triumph and it should be shared now it’s been told. Reading blog posts to him while he worked (did I mention he was the foot masseur?) definitely sparked his interest in joining the community.

We’re on the hunt for good sushi for lunch before we head home and have been advised to try Sapporo Teppanyaki¬†for not only a meal but an experience so that’s our first port of call. For the first time ever I’ve been here it isn’t raining in Manchester… yet. After that we’re going for the scenic off motorway route through the splendid northern English¬†countryside home. Once he’s finished getting ready that is… waiting again tut tut.

I think tonight will be a quiet one, some light TV dinner maybe, a jacket potato with a pastry-less quiche made with eggs, soft cheese and lots of spinach from the garden to boost the vit C. Alcohol free. I just wanted to keep blogging to show how you can have fun/holiday/break/dates i can copywithout going off plan, how you can have treats without beating yourself up and how you can find healthy options for food and exercise if you look for them. I could have said OK when he suggested a steak house lunch, I could have said I had no clothes to work out in but I suggested Sushi and I came up with clothes. You can make this part of your lifestyle forever, I believe that and want to show that.

My son’s home tomorrow so we’re going to take him down to visit his sister and have a day with them and then we’re leaving him there (at his request) and heading to London for a couple of days so I can check out this man’s new pad. Next week I have a friend visiting from London with her daughter and grand daughter so I won’t be there long before I need to come home and prepare the space for the next guests. I’m loving this summer so far and I’d hoped it would be my last miserable one but it appears my last miserable summer was last year and the good times were far closer than I realised. How¬†blessed¬†am I feeling right now?



8 thoughts on “Party Time”

    1. There have been temptations.. like now. I’m sitting in the back of the car with all of my distraction tools (lap top, phone, books, music, even films, bottles of water, bowl of fruit… I’m like an overgrown 3 year old all that’s missing is the child seat) and in front the guys are munching sweets and drinking the dreaded fizzy stuff and talking about stopping at the next McDonalds or KFC! There will be none of that I keep telling them. Once again blogging has come to my rescue and is keeping me side tracked and focused on wholesome activity and eating.


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