It’s A Matter of Opinion

I used to look at stories like this Taunted Fat Bride Loses 11 Stone, moan about how cruel people are and then go eat a load of food. They didn’t inspire me. Why?

I. The after person doesn’t actually look very healthy. There are some signs that she doesn’t know how to dress her unfamiliar body. I saw a docu once about a lady who lost 20 stones [280lbs] through surgery and was so unfamiliar with her body that shopping terrified her, what she saw in the mirror was a stranger and she hung herself largely due to the emotional effects of having become someone else going unanticipated, unnoticed and unsupported. Sadly she wasn’t alone

2. They made me think the only way to get slim really was to have a gastric bypass, it’s the only way, the easy out, the fairy waving her magic wand

3. The idea of surgery terrified me, would I survive the operation? What if something went wrong? I’d read so many horror stories and then just those stories about how having a bypass still didn’t lead to desired weight loss and how some led to life long health problems far worse than being overweight

4. I felt I could just never do it on my own and I couldn’t bear the thought of surgery so they made me fell doomed to remaining fat forever.

5. The ‘maintenance diet’ is hardly nutrition packed with lots of good stuff which the body needs to thrive is it? I mean ‘a boiled egg, a jacket potato with hard cheese and shepherd’s pie’ (minced beef and onion fried, gravy added and creamed potato added to the top maybe with a shred of carrot and a pea thrown in). I knew that if I had a gastric band and I could only eat a very little, that very little would be liquidised doughnuts, melted chocolate and crushed crisps (chips).

6. The emotional issues and indeed the health educational issues which made such a young person so big had not been dealt with at all.

7. She says she is “finally who she wants to be” but really is she not who the cruel jibers forced her to be? Wasn’t she happy on her wedding day BEFORE they shouted at her, didn’t she feel loved and attractive heading to marry what must be assumed to be the man of her dreams right then? The man who loved her and found her beautiful as she was? Didn’t his opinion of her matter more than stranger? Didn’t the ‘cruel jibers’ simply force her to head to her GP to request major surgery at the expense of the tax payer to risk her life and long term health and subject her to a life time of boiled eggs and shepherds pie? Trust me, this woman still eats sugar puffs and pizza… OK so that’s a wild guess but maybe not so wild… call it a hunch.

8. The article gives no advice or links to the dangers of gastric bypass surgery, it gives no links to alternative ways to lose weight, it gives no links to how you can be happy with your body as it is, it gives no links to ways to address your emotional issues with food and in that sense I call it irresponsible rather than inspirational

There are so many ways to lose weight and if something works and it truly makes you happy and it truly helps you address your issues with food then I am overjoyed for you. Truly I am, I am not knocking anything that works for anyone. I’m just giving my take on this and how things like this Dietshelped to keep me fat and make me fatter.  I just don’t think that the media should be so irresponsible in the way they portray these sensational miracle stories because they make fat people miserable, they do not motivate, they do not inspire. Not in the long run. I wish there was a study done of the true impacts of such a story, I wish it was possible to measure the number of overweight people who read this story and see in 6 months how many have had their lives affected by it, negatively or positively. Just to prove what the effects of this bias reporting actually are.  I just read this as a Facebook link while I’m on this super long journey in the pouring rain as a back seat passenger (panic way too much on wet motorways in the front) and was inspired to write about how I feel because I know that six months ago it would have made me want to stop at services and fill my face with family packs of chocolate.

We have in some way and idea of what research would look like, if we look at something like Joe the Juicer – when his programmes Fat Sick and Nearly Dead air there is a huge surge in the purchase of a certain brand of Breville Juicer, the Breville JE98XL Fountain Plus to be exact $T2eC16RHJIYE9qUcOQF3BRgR1mCQFw~~60_35(which is more expensive than most others on the market yet in my experience not as good – oh yeah I’ve been a Joe the Juicer victim) and a huge demand on supermarkets, markets and green grocers for kale – a food crop which is very easy and very cheap to grow you can do it in a bucket in your kitchen for pence. 

People are tweeting (I’m guilty of this too) pictures of their juice and weight loss and two weeks later… nothing. Joe’s in another town and the last one he visited are back to pizzas and fry ups in the main. The shops are overloaded with unwanted Breville Juicers and kale. However I must say and it Presentation1would be unfair of me not to acknowledge, that there are people who stick to his plan as with any other plan. But for every success there are countless failures that are not mentioned and these people don’t just fail they gain more weight, they become more depressed and the cycle continues. I just wish they’d be more honest and show the downside but of course that wouldn’t be good for business and make no mistake this is what this is all about at the end of the day, making money. Even the sensational story I opened with, it’s about likes, comments, hits not about people.

What is more, how many people read the stories about the negative experiences of a green juice diet? Some people have become extremely ill from an overdose of iron, a sudden drastic change in diet, myself I suffered palpitations and searing temperatures as my body tried to work on processing that stuff and what came out the other end you don’t want to.know, sometimes with no warning at all too. My gut was in knots! However, again in defence of Joe, I do juice more now but don’t make it my whole focus for my diet, I will make a fresh juice now and then to give myself a boost or a detox. Juicing in moderation is good for you. Kale (as I’ve talked about before) is good for you, celery is good for you, apples are good, ginger is great.. anything fresh and natural is good for you that’s why it is downloadgrowing there. We don’t need an expert to tell us that. But where is that natural good stuff in the main story’s diet now? Is she healthy? Is she healthier than a fat person?

I just want people to see these stories for what they are and not be taken in by them to the point where they make them unhappy, you don’t have to have a gastric bypass there is another way and you don’t have to lose weight at all if you’re happy as you are. There is a big movement of people out there who have given up on trying to fight nature and are healthy happy fat people who are loving their lives as they are Here’s One Here  and a fair few of these, including Becky the author of that piece, have been down the bypass route and every other route. It’s OK to be fat if you’re happy and you’re mobile and you’re living your life but it’s not if you’re miserable, depressed, sick and deprived of everything there is for you to embrace, but losing weight isn’t always the answer or the only answer and putting yourself under the knife or participating in fads is not always the healthiest approach. 


6 thoughts on “It’s A Matter of Opinion”

  1. I lost a very dear friend to a gastric bypass operation. This was in the 1980s and I know that procedures have certainly been more perfected since then, but I still fear it. I knew that gastric bypass wasn’t for me because I only had about 90 pounds to lose and because I’m really afraid of any surgery. I still have a few pounds to go, and my doctor has already talked to me about skin removal surgery–I’ll never have it because my lose skin isn’t going to kill me. I may never wear a bikini, but I really don’t care. I’d rather not risk my life, or have to recover for months from a painful surgery. Changing the way I eat has been hard. I love junk food and was a real carb and sugar junkie. I also was borderline diabetic; something else I’m pretty scared of considering the history of it in my family. I now eat a diet that prevents diabetes and even though I’d love to binge on chips and cookies, the thought of amputations, blindness, heart and kidney disease, etc. keeps me on track. My family counts on my and I owe it to them and myself to stay healthy.


    1. Thank you for telling your own story and experience it must have been very painful to see that happen to a friend and I’m so pleased that you have made the changes in yourself and you acknowledge that it is hard. There’s no easy quick fix that doesn’t come at a cost and I’d rather pay in some sweat and tears and a frustrated stomp when I can’t eat 2 chocolate bars than with any more damage to my health. But then that’s me, it works for some people, I just wish we heard more representation from the people it doesn’t work for and in a constructive way rather than the odd shock horror article or TV programme which make the times these things go wrong seem like a rarity when they are not.


    1. Indeed. One of the things that sparked me off on my journey really was that I felt as if I was disabled and I realised it was self inflicted immobility and I looked around and ahead and thought how it must feel to be less mobile through pain or a real ailment or old age and realised how fortunate I was to still have time to sort myself out and enjoy some pain free, mobility for a good few years yet. Sometimes we get locked in a world of our own and fail to see the bigger picture and realise how fortunate we are.

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  2. My sister had the Gastric bypass and they could have done the exact same article and replaced it with my sister… what they don’t talk about is “long term”. People think weight loss with surgery is a quick fix and for the most part, it is. What they never did for my sister or my dad, who did lapband, is find out WHY they are 300+ pounds. So while they went through some dramatic weight loss, they don’t know how to eat and they are not doing what it takes to keep it off. Fat doesn’t just sit around the gut. My sister eats 25 granola bars in 5 days which is her new “favorite”, before it was nothing my sausage for like a month. Or eating nothing but guacamole and chips for a week.
    Why? There is something that is “mentally” wrong. She is gaining weight like crazy again. This is the main reason I will not have surgery. I am trying to lose weight natural and I am a basket case with food addiction and the demons that caused me to be over 300 and until I can overcome that, I will achieve my goals.
    You have to start with saying “what’s important to me?”


    1. That’s awful about your sister but this is great news that you have learned and are doing it in a good way and tackling the emotional issues. I find writing down painful experiences has helped me a lot, some I’ve shared on a special page on my blog called My Journey to Fat some I’ve kept as drafts but I think one day I will feel confident to lay myself bare, it helps tremendously. There will be tears but it is like therapy.


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