Road Trip

So we’re road tripping and the sun’s come out at last. I was just reminded that I didn’t blog about my bicycling experience the other day. There’s not much to say but it’s a new experience and a move back to ‘me’ so:

I used to love biking but haven’t done it for year. We had a decentish round trip which was very hard work and the only thing which got me through was singing this in my head (my life has a soundtrack) and the noises coming out of me by the end were not too dissimilar. Enjoy another 70’s great! My thighs and bum were rigid the next day and I felt like I’d been bent over and kicked from behind in the place where the sun don’t shine by a huge man in work boots.  Next time it will be easier and it will gradually become more enjoyable and I will grow to love it once again:D



4 thoughts on “Road Trip”

  1. Fingers crossed re the recovery of the (_¤_) ! [grin]
    Wasn’t it a wonderful time when hit songs were as innocent as this …? And yet the times most certainly were not ! Well, not where I was, anyway.


    1. It’s a great song and I didn’t even realise they were an Aussie band or that it was Melbourne they were riding around until my daughter asked me which town it was. As they are riding on ‘the right side’ of the road we’d, in our typically engrained English supremacist manner, assumed it was in the UK. Great song and I was to little to buy it but can certainly remember it. My dad used to sing it (and lots of other things) at the top of his voice and no doubt my teenage brothers and sisters would have had it playing over and over.

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