Well it was a scary road trip to my daughter’s in the torrential rain but it cleared and gave way to the sun eventually and after the tour of her new home and meeting her new housemates and delivering all manner of things she’d left behind we all went out for a wander around and an early dinner. It was lovely to see her again, I couldn’t stop stroking her sweet little face and just sniffing her. I’m a Leo and a real lioness when it comes to the cubs.

It’s crazy but it seems she’s grown up since I saw her last, she’s lost a little bit of weight, her new career with the 9-5 hours has given her more time to get to the gym and she said it’s been so hot she has been living on salads and tuna fish. She looks very tanned and healthy, her skin’s glowing she’s definitely benefiting from having good sleep and a routine rather than the crazy student and minimum wage working hours she’d been keeping.

She’s happy and doing well and clearly loving her life in a big city and excited to have her brother stay a few days and to show him around, she has lots planned for them to do and they didn’t seem sorry to be waving us off. I love that they love each other.

So for my early dinner… we chose a Brazilian restaurant and it was fabulous. I had a Peixada which for anyone who isn’t sure, is a fish stew with onions, tomatoes, coriander
and spices. Very tasty 😀 Mine was made with hake peixada2but it can be made with sea bass and other types of fish. Sometimes I’ve had it in the past with boiled eggs on top but it didn’t have any eggs today.

I passed on dessert and instead had a fabulous Caipirinha cocktail with lots of fresh lime which they made at our table fresh from the Caipirinha trolley … Cocktail_Caipirinha_rawso authentic.

It was the second place we’ve dined at in as many days where the dining experience was an experience and not just food. It just makes the whole thing more enjoyable and not all about the food and eating it which is great news if you’re trying to improve your relationship with food.

We headed to London next stop, only a couple of hours drive and I caught up on some more blog reading sharing by reading aloud along the way, braving the front seat now the rain had passed. We had an early night and this morning we were up at sunrise exercising and we had breakfast in the garden which was gorgeous and he’s just spending some time with his kids then we’re heading out for a walk along the embankment and a stroll around Covent Garden. Dinner with friends tonight and home tomorrow to prepare for my next guests arriving towards the end of the week.  Good times 😀


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