Accentuate the positive

This has been a very positive week for me and there are a number of things at play which have brought this about. I can’t go to bed until I’ve finished writing this post which I started on the journey home today. When I’m compelled to do something I just have to do it.

Slide1One of them was this post by My Red Abyss which truly struck a chord in me and which I am re-reading every day. If you read in it what I did, then it will be plain to you why it is so uplifting. I’ve thanked the author for it as if it was written just for me but no harm in expressing my gratitude and appreciation once more. It kind of links to the second finding which helped me to be positive…

Erik’s post and the rest of his blog:  It made me revalue older people, I’ve a long way to go to being Feliciano’s age but it made me realise in the remnants of my mid-life crisis that older people are valued and respected as sources of information, insight, wisdom, Slide2experience and history. We have a duty to pass it on. I suddenly thought that when I’m old I want to have plenty to share with younger people who care to listen, so I’d better get busy having more experiences. I realised I don’t want to be a boring 80 year old who stopped experiencing life at 40 for whom all of the adventure lie at the beginning with a distinct dearth in the second half. That would be a pretty crap book or movie with a plot like that and this is my life, my reality it can’t peak too soon and fizzle out. I want 80 years of memories to call on, 80 years of adventure and learning not 40.

Slide3Finally I’m linking to M-R’s blog because her writing (on her blog, in her comments and through her book) have all made me believe two great truths. Firstly, we all deserve to be completely, blissfully, unashamedly happy at some point in our lives and secondly no matter how unlovable we imagine ourselves to be there are people who will and do love us completely we just have to let them.

So many words and stories of encouragement and inspiration have rung in my ears and helped me to fight demons and just relax and enjoy being me again. I realise now through what I’ve read and written that I’ve been ill, not just fat, I’ve been sick but I’m healing and I’d be here forever if I tried to link to every comment that has helped me so far.  My gratitude is in my heart and progress not in my links and I hope you know that and I still have a way to go so there will be more of these sharing type posts to come.

The reason I chose these to share was that the authors didn’t Slide4know me, they didn’t write for me, they didn’t write to me, they were just writing from their hearts. In very different ways, in different places, very different people, writing for different reasons. Yet their words moved me, miles away, another different person in a different place writing for yet more different reasons.

What I really want to say besides thanking them and everyone else is that we should make an effort to read blogs and not just write them and in writing we should know that no matter how simple our story or words we might be writing exactly what someone somewhere needs to hear. Never be afraid to hit that publish button.

Slide5I know it’s tough finding time and not everyone speed types straight from the hip like me and lots of people have a hard enough time finding a slot to write in let alone have time to catch up with the blogs of others, but try. There are treasures out there if you look for them. There is inspiration where you might least expect to find it. There is motivation, example, genuine love and a whole battery of information and practical advice. If you never read, you never know who is writing just for you.

Another thing, when you have a blogger who you enjoy reading check out who they read to expand your reading along a similar vein, chances are you will connect with bloggers they like too. I learned this early on from Rob, one of my first followers (if not the first) and someone who encouraged me into the blogging community. He’s a great guy and loves the blogging network and encourages people to stay and share.

Finally, to make it easier for you right now Opinionated Man has kindly opened up his Slide6blog for anyone to share any post. This is a fantastic idea as there is a mish mash of bloggers blogging on a range of subjects popping links to posts on there and you can have a look and see if anything takes your fancy and extend your reading and network further by liking, commenting and perhaps following. Give OM a read while you’re there he’s a funny and interesting read himself, he is opinionated but doesn’t bite… at least not too hard 😛


5 thoughts on “Accentuate the positive”

  1. “There are treasures out there if you look for them. There is inspiration where you might least expect to find it. There is motivation, example, genuine love and a whole battery of information and practical advice. ”

    And I found it all here, Michelle.


  2. This is a really nice post, M, and shows that you are a really nice person ! 🙂
    Re your mate up there, I did visit his site, but I honestly don’t get what it’s about. Senility, I expect … 😐

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you M-R, I’m starting to believe that I am again. I love sharing things, I guess it’s part and parcel of being a teacher and I love to pass on anything which I’ve found useful as well as show gratitude where possible for anything which has helped me.

      Liked by 1 person

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