Home again, home again…

So currently enjoying the thrills of being a passenger on a long drive* north along the A1, slightly more scenic than the M1 and we’re far more likely to find a nice watering hole along the way that hasn’t been consumed by KFC or Macdonalds. It gives me time to catch up on emails,  phone the kids, blog and read some news and blogs (I much prefer the latter, they’re far more honest and far more uplifting).

*In the UK for most people anything of more than an hour’s duration is considered a ‘long drive’ and a journey of more than 100 miles is an epic adventure. 

Yesterday was beautiful, the dining experience all I imagined it would be. It was almost ten thirty when we finally ate but that didn’t matter as we had some fantastic company in our friends who I hadn’t seen for years and years. The guy was originally from Nigeria and we calculated it must have been 20  years since I’d seen him as he was a law student at that time who wanted to go into corporate law and has long since been a London barrister specialising in Human Rights cases. His wife was at that time his new girlfriend, in fact I reminded everyone that the night Nick and I came to an ugly close in our romantic relationship I had spent most of it with her and she had been my key witness in the whole unfortunate saga that caused us to part ways. She was back then a young traveller spending a couple of months in the UK fresh from New Zealand who had no intention to settle let alone marry, have children and live most of her life in London. How naive we are to think that we have our lives all sussed out?

We had a bit of a laugh about the disaster which led to our break up and I felt good to once again be vindicated by witnesses… it never grows old that 😀 I’ve always hated being accused of something I have not done and that frustrated feeling of not being able to prove it. I think it stems from my siblings blaming me for things and my mother always believing them or from her always assuming it was me who had done something bad and getting punished for it before any investigation had been carried out.

I love London and am a bit biased in using this quote but I do agree. london-travel-quoteI would love to live there again but I feel that for an old person living in London can be pretty tough unless you are extremely wealthy (the Queen seems to cope with it well but then even she has to get out of it as often as possible). I think it’s a great place for a young person who has energy and vitality and doesn’t mind the hustle and bustle and who wants entertainment day and night and choices and options and experience upon experience and who can manage to work long enough hours to earn enough money to live there and have some left for fun and who can cope with flat sharing or living in a tiny space… or again, if you are wealthy.

Nick lives, as I used to, in the suburbs, still within the Tube network so it’s easy to access the centre of town and all its delights and far cheaper to buy a property but even so his property is worth a staggering five times more than mine and is decidedly smaller. I still have a stake on a house in London from the deterioration of my marriage but that’s something for the children not something I think of as mine at all and certainly nothing I would ever claim or return to or want to cash in.

I mentioned that when I was  young and in London I used to love being driven home after a night out clubbing or partying, the summer air, window open, those beautiful moments before dawn, the city lights, the near empty streets, some good music on, the headiness of having drank or smoked a toxic substance or two, perhaps filled with Metrocab-night-London-600x400the excitement of a young romance or even a one night stand (I never professed to being an angel). So when we’d finished in the restaurant and we’d been to a night club (didn’t feel old at all, there were all ages there and we had a fabulous time) Nick sorted out a mini cab rather than a black taxi and he asked the driver to put on an oldies radio channel (which now play 80’s and early 90’s as their oldies [groan]) and was at that time playing old clubbing chill out anthems (couldn’t have chosen better myself) and we snuggled up in the back while the delighted driver drove around the city for an hour before taking us home. It’s good to tread the boards of your youth now and again.

I swear we deluded ourselves into thinking we were in our early twenties again, we certainly acted like we were! I felt so carefree. I think we’re both at  that point in life imageswhere we can be carefree again, that sweet spot where your kids are not as dependent as they were and are virtually grown, where you have money to spare, time and freedom, where you’re still young enough to enjoy being spontaneous and adventurous again, where you’re not too old to feel too out of place doing some of the things young people do. I just think that the timings are all perfect for both of us to be enjoying this interlude, in every respect. In some senses we’re doing what we should have carried on doing way back then. We’ve got a second chance and are both like minded enough to grab it and do it all again with even more gusto. What a blessing and what a tonic!

So now we’re on the road again back to my home. I was supposed to be going back on the train but Nick’s insisted on driving me staying one last night and driving back tomorrow. He must be enjoying my company 😉 I’ve no idea when or if we’ll hook up again but I would like to think we will, it’s not something we’ve discussed…living for the moment and all that.

I have my closest female friend coming to stay from Wednesday through to Saturday with her daughter and granddaughter and then as they leave Saturday my daughter’s bringing my son home and staying the weekend and then on Monday my niece is coming to stay with her kids for a week. So it’s pretty busy, I’ve got to go into work a couple of days too… mustn’t forget that.

Life’s good, the kids are happy, I’m happy and I’m going to jump on the scales tomorrow and see what a week of eating out and indulgence has done for me when it comes to the numbers. But whatever it’s done, nothing could take me down from this high at the moment and regardless of my weight I’m floating on air 😀

We did some Tai Chi this morning which I’m really enjoying for the feel good in my  head more than anything and we’re going to have to get active when we get back to mine otherwise today will have been a little bit sluggish. I’m hoping the weather’s good and we can go for a ride maybe, my bum’s recovered enough now from last time to cope or failing that there is the treadmill and Shaun T to fall back on 😀


8 thoughts on “Home again, home again…”

  1. Two words sums up your post: “Life’s good”. You’ve had quite the adventure! Wherever life takes you, right? I love it when life takes us for rides and we joyfully go along. That’s where memories are made.


    1. So true Rob and you were so important in my arriving at this point, welcoming me to the blogging community in the first place which has led me to so many supportive and inspirational people, I’m ready for the next part of this journey, I’m not even scared, I’m strong and determined and excited.


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