All alone am I

I used to sing this song back in the days when I earned a living from my voice. Oh hell yeah, I am multi-talented. I was brought up on this fab stuff. I used to get asked by a guy in my local years ago to sing it for him at the end of a Friday night drink and he used to have a dance with me (thank goodness I learned some steps as a kid) and he’d give me a kiss on the hand with big old tears in his eyes and thank me for letting him have a moment of grief lost in thoughts and memories of his late wife. I’m not usually into dancing with old guys but it was always my pleasure to help someone out in any way possible. It’s good to use your talents to comfort people 😀 My dad always used to say that I sang a good Brenda Lee too 😀

But there’s no bugger here to comfort me tonight is there? Oh no, I’m all alone with just me myself and I for company having been deserted by everyone. I LOVE it! Having grown up in a house full of people, having kids, having had my house more like a B&B for many years due to me being such a fabulous hostess of course ;), always working in environments where I have to stand and talk for hours to gangs of people it is so good to be alone!

So don’t listen to this and feel sad, feel my gladness!

I love companionship it’s wonderful and it’s been wonderful but I was ready for some me time, to breathe out for the first time in days and lie on the sofa in my Bridgets and a tee shirt, a face mask on and my hair in crazy bunches like an enormous 3 year old.

I’ve snatched moments of solitude and time to do my own thing over the past few days but this is different, this is solitary living at its unadulterated best.




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