A fellow blogger mentioned Fitbit in a recent post on walking and I had never heard of them/it so I had to investigate and I think this is something I really need in my life and wanted to share further. I have a birthday fast approaching so might stick it on my wish list 😛

Follow this link to the Fitbit Website or read the above post, or both for more info on the activity tracking gadgets (and then some) and online support 😀

Do a bit of further reading as there are some gruesome images of people having developed nasty burn like rashes from the watch type ones but I’ve not got time to read them all so don’t know if it’s a historic, now solved issue or ongoing.

Always check out product reviews before buying anything on line anyway, better to get as much info as possible before laying out the cash 😀




10 thoughts on “Fitbit”

  1. There are so many of these activity trackers out now. If you want one, do a thorough comparison of the types. I got my husband the Withings pulse. But I didn’t do a thorough comparison, so I can’t tell if it’s better or not than all the others. I got it because I like their other products, the wireless blood pressure monitor and wireless scale. I thought it would be nice to have one app to track all those things.


  2. I use a heart rate monitor for every workout and I absolutely love it. It’s a Polar Ft7. You only wear it during the workout. It does have a chest strap that takes a little bit of getting used to, but I don’t even notice it anymore. The HRM has definitely enhanced my workouts–I like knowing where my heart rate is and how my intensity is during each workout. It makes me push harder when I know I can and reminds to chill out when I’m going too hard. Definitely something I would recommend to anyone.


  3. For what it’s worth, Michelle, I have the model pictured above in black. It just clips to your bra or the outside of your undies, so you don’t get any rashes from it! That’s actually the main reason I bought it as opposed to any of the wrist models because I have sensitive skin and I can’t really even wear a wrist watch as I get rashes from nearly everything. Something with a rubber type of strap as most of the trackers seem to have would see me with a welt on my wrist pretty quickly, especially in an Aussie summer. I’m thrilled with the Fitbit I got and I wouldn’t swap it. As I said, it got me walking last year when nothing else really could have motivated me, and I’m glad I made some kind of a start when I was much heavier because now I’m so much better at it with less weight 🙂


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