Poorly friend :(

So my other not so happy news today came while I was half way through my excited holiday post. On the way to mine, not far from their home my friend’s grand daughter who I had been warned had been complaining of feeling hot and having a head ache before they left, threw up all over everyone and when they were able to get to a service station to clean up properly they realised she had a ridiculously high temperature and not long after she had what they think was a febrile convulsion and is now in hospital 😦 She’s had a check over and the doc thinks she has a viral infection but she’s happy and sitting in bed drinking lots of water at the minute with photos on Facebook to prove it. Poor little mite, I hope she gets better soon. My friend’s still going to come but will be arriving tomorrow now after she’s deodorised her car and got her daughter and granddaughter back home safely.

So I’m alone again. BUT I’m not going to let it get me down I’m going to do some extra exercise. Starting with a walk around the shops and some flexing of my debit card and then I’m going to sign up at a gym. I enjoyed the short gym visit while we were in Manchester and so I’m ready for Competition Kettlebellsmore of that. I’m also going to buy myself some kettle bells. I read a fab blog post about the benefits and impact of exercising with kettle bells and there was a good routine to try out on there too which I copied and pasted into a word document but I can not find the blog post right now so if it was you who wrote it please, please, please link to it in the comments. 

Just as I love to vary my diet by having lots of options and adding lots of things I read about I do the same with my exercise. I don’t want to ever be bored by it and so variety is the key for me these days. 

So change of plan but never mind, my niece and her kids are coming next week so all of the fun stuff can go on hold until then. 



7 thoughts on “Poorly friend :(”

  1. Oh no, poor girl, I hope she is feeling better very soon! I often thought about going to the gym, but I was always too scared and just the thought of me, the fat girl, exercising in the gym next to all the slim, fit and attractive guys made me feel really sick. Today I know that this is just ridiculous and I’m 100% sure that I would not be the only person in the gym who’s in bad shape, but I still can’t get over myself. It’s great that you sign up at a gym, maybe you can even make some new friends there! So go for it and continue having fun while exercising that’s the most important thing!


    1. Thank you. I used to go to the gym every day straight after work for 2 hours it was the only way I could cope with the stress before I switched to teaching. So I knew that the people at the gym are far from all slim and fit and beautiful, there are some who spend an hour in the changing rooms putting on make up, doing their hair, making sure they look good before they go to exercise, those who don’t break a sweat and really just go to pose, chat and flirt with guys. But they are few and far between, most people at the gym are trying to lose weight or change their body and the times make a difference as to who is there… first think in the morning it’s the execs, after 9 it’s the mums, by 11 there is nobody there, until about 2 when you get students and older people start to come in, then 5 it fills up with all sorts as they finish work, by 7 it’s generally younger people and by about 10pm it’s empty. It’s been the same more or less at every gym I’ve ever been to. As for spas I find that they are empty at around 9am -11 then empty again from 3-5 and again from 9pm. At least around where I live. But when you are there you are just focussing on yourself and besides anybody who says anything or stares, I’d just go right up to and tell them where to get off as clearly I’m doing something to make myself thinner and I’d tell them bullies like them keep people fat and miserable. I’d ask for anyone being rude to me to be ejected anyway. It doesn’t happen, you can’t make fun of a fat person trying to lose weight even idiots realise that. I’m joined now and had my first session and it was good to be back 😀


  2. I demand a photo (dunno how) of you using them kettle bells, M !!!!! [grin]
    Here’s hoping the kiddie will be fine: doesn’t sound as if she’s going to fade out …


    1. No, probably too much sugar judging by the stuff I was told she likes to eat 😛 I’ve been toying with the idea of revealing myself through photos the past couple of days to be honest. I’ll have to blog about it because there is only really one thing which holds me back now… a good reason/excuse but I’m asking myself if it is really as good a one as I imagine.


      1. That’s a serious thing, m’love: don’t let some silly comment from ANYONE (‘specially me !) influence you. You’ve been functioning perfectly satisfactorily thus far: the pictorial aspect takes a great deal of … decision-making, eh ?


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