So angry, for some reason every time I get beyond two lines on a comment my laptop freezes and I have written so many two lines to only have to restart my system that it’s driven me beyond wanting to throw my laptop against the garden wall. I will be resorting to likes and hopefully tomorrow I will be able to return and make the comments I wish to make.

Rob at Rob at Weight2lose and also Brent at Can a 500 Pound Man I really really wanted to leave comments and tried so many times. Rob – the other day I could not access your blog at all and again the same thing happened every time I wanted to leave a comment my system froze 😦

I am reading guys, I’m sitting out in the sunshine waiting for Mr Perfect (OK so maybe not) to arrive and I really want to comment but I fear if I continue to try this piece of metal and plastic will for sure find itself wrapped around the nearest brick.


10 thoughts on “Crashing”

  1. I wonder if it’s my blog. I’ve had several long time bloggers leave comments that were in my spam filter. I have no idea why they would be placed there. I’ll check with support to see if there’s anything wrong with my blog. No worries, though. Have a great day in the sun!


    1. Hopefully not your blog but might be worth a check. It just crashes out but as I say it has happened with others too. Having said that I had successfully posted a couple of comments and then your Beatles one was the first to crash out so might be worth it although others are commenting OK, maybe it’s your blog banning fat English chicks haha.


    1. I have heard that, I think I might have to step in. I’m keep meaning to have a go on one at the college where I teach to see how I feel, I must do that this week when I’m in and there are no pesky students tying the machines up.


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