Obese with a mountain to climb? One step and you’re on your way! Do it today.

My life at the moment is full of revelation and wonder, my eyes are being opened, the lights are flickering on, the windows are being unshuttered, happiness is seeping in through every space and the most stupid thing is, this is all happening because I stopped eating crap and started to move.

How crazy is that?

Nothing else has changed, nothing at all I’m still obese, even though I’m less obese than I was. I’ve not moved house, I’ve not got a new job, I’m in the same financial position, my friends haven’t changed, Nick has always been a part of my life it’s not like I just met him. Yet look how different it all is. It is mind blowing that this huge shift has come from thinking about why I’m fat, changing what I eat and moving about more… how crazy is that when you pare it down and just think about it?

If you’re reading this as a morbidly obese person with 100, 200 or 300 pounds to lose please hear what I’m saying and start to make a change, you can do it and you don’t have to lose 200 or 300 pounds for the light to come back into your life, it’s there, it’s waiting to shine on you as soon as you start letting it in. You’ve just got to be kind to yourself that’s all.

Sharing one of my most favourite uplifting songs, I heard this sung live by this talented beautiful lady and the atmosphere was spiritual. I love it and it sums up how I am feeling today.



11 thoughts on “Obese with a mountain to climb? One step and you’re on your way! Do it today.”

  1. Once I started eating healthy and exercising, I was amazed at how BAD the things I used to eat actually are. Once I realized that, eating right got easy lol.


  2. Dear M, you impressive woman ! – I have only 55 pounds too many on this ageing body, but it might as well be 355. Living alone, my only income the age pension – BARELY enough to surivive on, and that only because I’m in ‘assisted housing’ – and no-one to give me any support at all, reorganising my life to accommodate the changes necessary to getting down to 80 kilos is an impossibility. I’m retired, so I have no job to keep my brain active. My only family consists of two sisters in different States – one of whom I don’t get on with because we live in different countries in our heads, and the other of whom is married and fully occupied with their farm and her academic work. Something I will state to my dying day is this: a person cannot reduce weight with no-one to support her.
    All of that, seeming to be a whinge but being merely a list of relevant facts, is why I am obliged to read about your great successes, and share in them vicariously.
    So you see you have a very big responsibility to keep going !!!!!


    1. This is very timely M-R, I had a breakdown yesterday feeling I was being too happy (I know shoot me now) and that I might make people feel miserable so it’s good to emerge knowing that some people are egging me on even if they can’t do what I can do. Thank you x


      1. Michelle ! – you know perfectly well that the changes going on in your body are doing odd and unusual things to you re endorphins, etc.! You must never expect to feel absolutely normal under the effects of this kind of weight management – regardless of how sensibly you’re doing it (meaning, slowly) !
        It’s strange to think of, but true: you’re changing the person you’ve been for a long time, and having to learn about the new one … so logic alone tells you that your emotions will be affected – sometimes positively and sometimes not.
        Be of good cheer, my girl ! – and KEEP AT IT ! 🙂


        1. I will 🙂 I knew this was going to be an emotional journey as much as a physical one and I can’t just shed those feelings that used to come from left field and side swipe me as easily as I shed the pounds. I’m stronger now though, I think I’m handling this pretty well compared to how I might have in the past.


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