We all love a good gossip, a catch up on what has been going on in everyone’s lives. I must say Nick and I have done our fair share of that lately. As we’ve reminisced and caught up on people we used to hang around with and we’ve even been prompted to do a few internet searches to find out just what did happen to [insert name of former friend]. The party we went to in Manchester and the meal we had out in London with friends were both events which brought up lots of names from the past.

It’s largely been fantastic to hear about how well everyone is doing and so far all but one of the people we used to ‘roll’ with (I’m being cool) is still alive. We have lots of children between us and we’re scattered across the planet by all accounts with a hard core still living in the UK.

Last night we were talking about someone we used to know and Nick shared something that sounded so out of character that I doubted it was true, he said he’d only heard it on the grapevine and I said if it was true I felt very sad and if it wasn’t true I felt even sadder. It made me think about gossip and we had a bit of a talk about it.

We decided that our gossip has not been malicious but there can be a fine line to draw between regular gossip and malicious gossip. Some people do not understand that line. I was the victim of some very hurtful gossip started by someone who should have had a sense of loyalty towards me but you know blood isn’t always thicker than water. It wasn’t true, totally fabricated and it spread around our small town like wildfire obviously eventually making its way back to me. It affected my children who knew it was fabricated but none the less… it affected them.

I went to the source of the gossip and confronted him asking if he realised what he had done when he laughed and said it had been ‘a bit of a joke’. I asked him to go and tell everyone who had heard the ‘bit of the a joke’ that it was untrue, that he had fabricated it and that it had all been a lie. Of course he was unable to do that which was my point. The damage was done. Gossip is one thing, malicious gossip is another. I wish I’d seen this fabulous movie before I’d confronted him perhaps sharing this clip would have illustrated the danger of loose tongues.


4 thoughts on “Gossip”

    1. The first time I watched this movie I did so on a rainy afternoon, flicking through for something to watch, probably snoozed half way through and chose because I love Meryl Streep. I was a tad disappointed but then I watched it again with my daughter and I realised what it was about and the lessons it held and it gave rise to so many discussions. Not a movie to watch alone and expect to be entertained I think the lesson was.


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