Fatkini Selfies

Evidently there is an Instagram craze doing the rounds called #fatkiniselfies. The point is for larger ladies to Instagram their selfie of themselves in their bikini this summer as part of a movement (depending on where you read about it) to reduce prejudice/empower larger ladies to feel good about their bodies/to empower larger ladies to get out in the sun, on the beach, by the pool and not feel inhibited by their size/to promote the range of options there are for larger ladies to wear on the beach/at the pool nowadays which are fabulous and far from frumpy.

fattiesI saw it and thought “Good for them”. There were some beautiful ladies of all shapes and sizes and there were some fabulous bikinis. I read the article and wished I had their confidence especially as I’m about to go on holiday myself and have already requested that I don’t have to be seen in my swim suit. I was just plucking up the courage to actually reconsider that request thinking what the heck I might not care who sees me in my relatively modest tankini after all. 

Then I saw the comments underneath the articles, everywhere I looked, they were awful. Scathing is not the word. They were vicious, cruel and down right ignorant written by rotten spineless bullies. Many so harsh they’ve been removed. Most assumed that the selfie craze was promoting heart disease and diabetes, applauding unhealthy lifestyles, promoting fat as attractive when it isn’t, saying that ‘if fat people want to be attractive they should lose weight not send around ugly selfies’.

I wanted to comment in response to a few of the idiots writing. Firstly do fat people really have a monopoly on heart disease and diabetes,really? I know three people who have had heart attacks and now have heart disease and all of them are thin, of my fat friends none have a heart condition or diabetes and the fatties are all older than the skinnies. I have two skinny friends with diabetes too and several with joint problems. My fat friends are undoubtedly more healthy probably due to years of actually sporadically filling their bodies with healthy nutritious foods.

Does being slim mean you are healthy? Not at all. Does it mean you have a poor diet? Not at all. I could eat extremely healthily and then some and that’s why I’m fat not because I sit gorging KFC. I am healthier than my skinny sister who smokes, drinks to excess, never moves from her backside and has never eaten a fruit or vegetable since she turned 18. Even now I could out run her and out bike her.

Does everybody find fat people unattractive? Hell no, there are fat people who believe it or not are loved, in relationships and who even have sex and there is a trade in plus size glamour modelling and porn so some body finds over weight people attractive. I’m fighting off a top notch piece of tottie (he would die at that description but he is).

Also what if some of these ladies are 50 or 100 pounds down on what they were 6 months ago or a year ago and this is their new empowered self emerging, who has regained confidence and needs that confidence and feel good factor to get through the next 100 pounds? The comments would probably see to it that they are sitting tonight stuffing chocolate feeling deflated.

I thought “Oh my gosh, I can’t possibly go on holiday what was I thinking?” and I’ve been craving chocolate all day to the point where I’ve actually put my coat on twice to go buy some and stopped myself. The craving BECAUSE of the heartless, cruel comments which made me feel like a beast. Like I am subhuman, abnormal, a waste of space and air.

There was  a guy who commented that he didn’t see why he should have to see such pictures when he was paying tax for the medication so the “fat bitches” could go on holiday in the first place. I thought what the heck? Give me five minutes in a room with idiots like that. Fat people don’t work? They don’t contribute in taxes? Furthermore are we supposed to sit and sift off what we are prepared to pay for? Yeah, right, imagine that…’well, I don’t want to pay for kids as I don’t have any or education, or old people, or parks because I don’t go, or roads as I don’t drive or caring for smokers because I don’t smoke, or for alcoholics as I don’t drink or orphans because I have parents, or I don’t want to pay for war heros because they chose to be in the army’… where do we stop with this?

These people have contributed to me being this fat, these people and people like them. They have kept me out of gyms, they’ve made me hide away instead of living my life, they have made me feel inferior, they have made me want to die and why? Because they are stupid. I’m laughing now that I would let an idiot dictate my life. I tell you what I don’t even have Instagram but I’m getting myself an account and when I’m on holiday I’m taking my selfie and I’m posting it with a big Feck You to the haters. 

It is still OK to discriminate against fat people it is still OK to mock us, point the finger at us, take photos without us knowing and mock us on social media. It’s OK and you know what I’ve had enough years to see karma wreak havoc on the skinny folk who look down on fat people as they find themselves swelling and expanding and bloating and getting sick and hating themselves and I find that sad. I don’t revel in it, something in me thinks about the hell they must be heading for, their self hatred and loathing can only be worse than someone who has struggled and/or sympathised their whole life.

Oh and at the same time there is an outpouring of grief for Robin Williams, for a man who took his own life because he was depressed and these same people are making people feel like doing the same because of their vitriolic spiteful ignorant hateful comments.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but if you have nothing nice to say Feck off! You are causing more damage with your ignorance and embarrassing yourself by showing the world what a complete idiot you really are. 


8 thoughts on “Fatkini Selfies”

  1. I could not agree more with this post if I tried. Like you, I wish I had the courage to just go to the beach and stuff it if my body offends others. It is galling to think that dickheads who would leave nasty comments on blogs have been sort of running my life when normally I am NOT a lady you dictate to! Bravo for a great post!


    1. Thank you. It annoys me so much how people judge fat people, they have no idea and they are certainly not helping the situation. Somebody on a FB status commented that ‘it upsets me when I see a fat person eating, it makes me so angry’. I had to comment back that they really need to go and get some help for their issues, if they are denying themselves so much to remain skinny that it actually upsets them to see someone eating then they seriously need to get a grip. I think that’s where a lot of it comes from, there are so many people who are skinny and resent the fact that they can’t eat barely anything to remain that way (because let’s face it a size 2 or 4 is unnaturally thin and was unheard of 20 years ago) and the lack of food makes them cranky and then they turn their bitterness on fat people who are just scoffing away. I’m also waiting to see wha the health effects are going to be on these people who are mal-nourished in the future, especially the ones who don’t eat but drink copious amounts of vodka and smoke.

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      1. That’s do true. No matter what people do to change that, it’s not changing. I’m half the size I used to be and some people still look at me like I’m a huge cow. We just have to rise above their prejudice and be who we want to be.


          1. A lot of the people who leave those nasty comments, anywhere, like that are really just trolls chasing up reactions. I mean, what are they doing there looking, anyhow? Just to laugh at getting people to bite their head off. I think you’re right about the resentment of those thin chicks! I think what really pisses them off more is that the person they are watching with disgust is happy, and they don’t like that. (I’m not meaning that in a cliched ‘fat, jolly person’ way). You’ll love your holiday, I’m sure.


            1. I’ve hardly seen a soul so far and Nick’s not gone off me yet and I’ve been in swim wear most of the time already, feeling liberated 😀 I’m sure that is the problem they just want to eat, this deprivation is going to see some very messed up adults in a few years time.

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