Food Today

I haven’t eaten a lot today. I think the exercise overload stops me from feeling so hungry. When I get back from my session with Darren in the morning I have to force feed myself lunch an hour or so later. I’m not sure if it’s the exercise doing something physical to my body (as Darren says it is) or if it’s psychological or if it’s just down to the water I’m drinking while working out. I get through a litre and half a session but sweat more than that right out again. I have a half litre before I start and another half after my shower. Believe me I must be sweating it out as there is no increased waterworks activity. So I have men pulling at me from all angles at the minute and ain’t I the lucky one? 😀 

For breakfast I had granola and flax with filtered organic milk. My son noticed the difference right away with the milk and said that it is much more tasty and fresh so I’m a permanent convert now. I’d already switched to organic but now we have moved a step further away from regular and a step up in terms of cost of course [groan]. Double groan when you consider my son is growing before my eyes and he is craving milk like you would not believe. He drank 4 pints (2 litres) of it today and would have gone for more if I’d not side tracked him with a bowl of fruit and a huge dollop of natural fromage frais. Those bones and muscles are crying out for fuel I think.

Lunchtime I prepared us a mixed salad with nuts and sultanas with a seared salmon steak which I’d marinaded in lime and garlic but I couldn’t even touch the fish, I about managed a tea plate sized helping of salad and was stuffed. Again my growing lad tucked into 3 salmon steaks and ate the biggest helping of salad, I had to keep checking he was still behind it at the table as he worked his way through it. He’s not only getting taller, his shoulders are expanding at a rate of nots and his whole physique is becoming more defined and manly. I swear if I’d painted him green a month ago and made him continue to wear his old PJ’s I’d not be far off rearing the incredible hulk.

Nick went home after lunch 😦 I think we’re an official item now. I’m missing him tonight so we must be even though it’s only a tiny bit. Next time I see him will be to go on holiday. Eeeek. It’s lovely having time alone with my son though, we’ve had a fun evening. He’s enjoyed having Nick around, they get on well, he has a son a similar age so teenagers are not strangers to him. But with my son having had some bad news recently it was good for us to do some talking about serious issues and to have some more hugs. Teenage boys still hug you just have to ask and offer rather than invade their space without warning.

Dinner I just had the salmon I didn’t have for lunch, didn’t warm it up or anything and ate it with a heap of steamed broccoli and cauliflower florets. My son went out with a friend and grabbed some takeaway (his once a week treat), good job we don’t live too close to a farm yard he would have been ripping heads of chickens eating them whole and drinking from cow udders… it would not surprise me.

He’s all tucked up in bed and I’ve been doing some work (rather I’ve been blogging) and I’ve had a call from Nick to say he wants to drive back but I convinced him not to. It will be fun to wait a while and see each other again for our holiday.

I’m in a good place, I’m feeling strong again and confident and like I have my life back. I’m heading to my birthday feeling that next year is going to really be a lot different for me, there is so much to look forward to now, I can’t wait to live it.



6 thoughts on “Food Today”

  1. I think it sounds like you are doing great! You don’t eat after you work out because everything has to settle down from being worked up. I’m the same way. You’re doing great! Keep it up. Nick sounds great!


    1. Thanks for your comment. Yeah that’s what my personal trainer said, he said when you’re pushing yourself physically your body closes down things like digestion which is why it’s not good to eat too soon after a meal and lots of the body’s processes kind of get suspended as it puts its energy into providing the fuel for the exercise and it takes a while to recover and start back up again. I guess it makes sense. Bodies are tremendous things 😀


    1. I didn’t want to be an item but Nick said that was because I over think things and I need to just relax, enjoy it and go with it and not worry about what if’s or plan and just enjoy it and let myself lose control. I’m trying. I guess I’ve been over fiercely independent for so long that it’s hard to do but strangely enough my personal training sessions are teaching me a lot about losing control and setting myself free and also Tai Chi is really allowing me to loosen up a lot mentally and emotionally, when I’m on that beach breathing properly and focused on me I feel a tremendous amount of strength and freedom. I’m having an epiphany I think.


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