If you’re still breathing you can keep going… Darren could have written that

I think he’s breaking me.  I recommend this personal trainer thing, even if only for one session, even if only in your own house. I am aching.

The one thing I have truly learned is that I don’t push myself and by pushing myself beyond what I believe are my boundaries I open up a whole new reserve of energy, it’s explosive and not only that but it is filling me with confidence and pride, the good kind not arrogance. Two things I don’t usually feel.l_c6e3cf00-69c8-11e1-8f91-23873d500002

Confidence and pride let me tell you in case you didn’t already know, they give you strength. Strength to go further and strength to resist chocolate and biscuits and cakes and rubbish food.

When you have sweated and pushed yourself beyond your boundary there is no way you are putting crap in your body, no way. You earn the right to say no and mean it.

It hurts but I am so ready to face temptation on holiday now, I know I can do it and I will continue to push myself… when I think I can’t swim another lap I am going to do at least 5 more, when I think I can’t ride another metre I’m going to ride 100 more when I think I can’t do another burpee… I’m probably right. I can do 3 now, 3! Slow but sure.

I feel more toned already, I’m more aware of my posture, I’m pulling myself up through my core, walking tall, shoulders back, down and relaxed, everything’s starting to click back into the right place. I feel lighter, I feel more feminine. I just feel better and that will do me.  

He has to shout at me and he is a hard task master, he is horrible to me, he makes me cry but gosh do I feel good when he lets me punch the crap out of him and even better when he finally let’s me collapse. He is straight down the line, he’s from the Fame school of training, “if you want [it] here’s where you start paying”.


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