Share Your Listicle with FHB for $100!

Sharing what sounds like a fab competition and some good blogging community fun. I’ll be entering just need to find time to put my listicle together.

The Fickle Heartbeat

There are truly some great writers in the WordPress community and thanks to those writers, we’ve been able to feature some great posts on The Fickle Heartbeat. Thank you all again!

I’d like to give a little special thanks to our great Featured Writers: Single Strides, Baroness Bogie, and One Gentleman for some spectacular writing they’ve allowed us to share with the world. A Featured Writers page is soon to come. Oh, and all of you are of course welcome to enter the contest below.

And most of all, we’d like to thank Irasia for her work. She was part of the team to start The Fickle Heartbeat and her work has been somewhat of a face plate for the site. Thank you!

Now on to business – what you’ve all been waiting for.

We’d like some more listicles! What are listicles? Think… “12 Moves to…

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