Barry George, Jill Dando, Jimmy Savile, BBC paedophiles, Cliff Richard, Alan Farthing, Nick Ross and Britain’s dirty secrets

This scandal is so wide reaching and needs full investigation, our upper echelons are so corrupt and all people care about in all of this is the scandal around Cliff Richard. This isn’t a one off, it doesn’t matter who was involved as perpetrators, it’s the victims we should be thinking of and as this goes to the very heart of our establishment we should be feeling sorry for ourselves for being at their mercy. This was systematic, planned abuse of vulnerable people and now linked to the cold blooded slaughter of an honest and horrified journalist with lord knows who involved. How dreadful all of this is and all corroborated by further reading. Let’s hope that it won’t be swept under the carpet again and finally justice for all prevails.


4 thoughts on “Barry George, Jill Dando, Jimmy Savile, BBC paedophiles, Cliff Richard, Alan Farthing, Nick Ross and Britain’s dirty secrets”

  1. I read The Huff article as well, and am absolutely convinced of the truth of this: the establishment has done its worst and succeeded. Surely there must be more legal avenues, you would think …


    1. I remember that poor woman being held down outside her house and shot through the head, it didn’t add up then and this makes a whole lot more sense.. She was a good sort, sold down the Swanee in such an utterly despicable manner and the poor guy plucked from the streets to take the rap and everyone else involved, it stinks and it makes you think about everything else… You have to ask if Cliff is being set up as the fall guy for all of this in the light of current and recent events, sling him on the Jimmy Saville bandwagon and let it look like we did something about what happened in that B&B, Leon Brittain is a pompus twat you only have to look at him to see that, these money rich and emotion deprived toffs who were sent to boarding school, were invariably abused themselves and then put in charge of this country need lining up and booting in the Thames and someone real needs to run this country before it goes to hell in a handcart. These people who are celebrated, given accolades, regarded as great statesmen, public figures they need pushing off the Earth, they aren’t even human, they don’t represent me, they represent themselves and their kind.

      I try to avoid politics on my blog but my blood boils at this. Killing Jill Dando would have put the fear of God into anyone who wanted to come forward or investigate but now with the internet it’s not so easy to sweep things under the carpet and people will be demanding answers.


      1. It goes on all over the world, though, M – you know that. I mean, consider Italy ! – no, don’t !!!!! The entire “society of powerful friends” rides roughshod over everything; and until we change the way we do politics, will continue to do so.


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