Pamper Done and I Got That Massage

canstock2945961I hadn’t booked one but I took the plunge and had a body wrap and massage today and it was awesome! Why have I put that off for so long? Because I’m too fat… grrrr! This fat has near sapped me of my life.

Nick called me while I was having my feet done (a hiccup meant I had to have my hair done first and then my beautification treatments which wasn’t ideal) thank goodness for touch screen phones I can use it without damaging my nails (haha I’m all girly girly as it gets today). I told him I was thinking of the wrap and he said “If you don’t do it because you don’t feel good enough you stay the same, if you do it you realise you are good enough and you feel even better so it’s up to you. Stay the same or feel better, my opinion of you stays the same but it’s yours that matters.” Grrr again, why does he make so much sense? So I did it and it was fab, a bit tricky washing all the gunk off with a shower cap that kept falling over my eyes but I did it. If you’re thinking you’re too fat just have one, it gives you a boost and supposedly this one was like a shrink wrap (not sure that’s the right word) and it sucks out a few inches, presumably of water or maybe it just tightens you up so it’s like you lost inches, whatever, it feels good.

I had to hang around at the salon too so that I let my nails all dry properly before I started being covered in nutty smelling gunk. I must have looked a sight. That was nice to have a cup of white tea (I never move without my organic white tea bags 99p for 40 from Asda a while ago and I images (5)bought dozens of boxes) and a chat with the ladies in the salon. During the chat I plucked up the courage to opt for a massage after the wrap. I was there bloody ages and resisted a muffin and two offers of biscuits. She said I was very tense and knotty and it hurt in places but afterwards I was like a floppy bunny, all relaxed and tingly.

Body-Wraps-women-e1365608450368Well now I’m shiny as a new pin and waiting for my son to come home. I’m feeling very toned and more slender and generally fresh and clean and gorgeous. I’m relaxed and ready to be 47. I got an email when I arrived home and I discover that I’m not driving anywhere tomorrow. I’m to have myself and the boy ready to leave the house at 8am and all will be revealed. My daughter called earlier and she said I am going to be spoiled rotten and she’s excited… she is never excited. 

I’m thinking Nick is going to drive up and take us to my daughter’s but that won’t make sense unless he’s coming tonight to surprise me but I don’t think he’d do that, maybe I’m going to get train tickets… who knows I’m not trying to second guess anything, I have to just go with this.

A couple of girlie friends are dropping by soon and I’m going to rustle us up some dinner, use up the last of the salad and fruit in the house and give directions on watering the plants and all that stuff. I’ve got lots of eggs so I’m going to make us a nice pastry free quiche too. I might sling some spinach in it as I looked at the beds earlier and think I could do with using some up or it will be cKombucha brewing with white and green tearazy when I get back. All of this sun and rain are just amazing for growing stuff.

I’ve set a new brew of Kambucha going so that will be fine until I get back and I’m going to pop my Kefir culture in the fridge in some fresh milk and it should be fine when I get back. I’m taking a couple of bottles of Kambucha with me so I can drink it until boarding so I’m not without it for too long and I have some small pots of Kefir too for the same. When I get to Barbados I’m going to just buy some probiotic yoghurt drinks to try to keep things in order I don’t want to undo the good I’ve done in my gut so far. I’ve packed some white tea so at least I can keep the liquid detox going. I do worry about these things now, they are part of my life and I want to keep consuming them.

Getting excited now, it’s nearly my birthday and I’m not sure what’s happening tomorrow but I’m going to be spending it with my two babies and my new/old man. I couldn’t think of anything better to be excited about.


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