Update Numero Uno

So it was a chauffeur who picked us up at 8am, not a stretch (much to my son’s disappointment) but a limo all the same, chauffeur driven for 4.5 hours to my daughters. Great one on one time with my son, we had a blast. What a lovely gesture so that I could give him my undivided attention before I leave him for a week.

Then we had lunch and my birthday cake! Yes cake! Photos to follow. I got gifts, an activity tracker (like I wanted) jewels and perfume and books for holiday reading and something real special, a studio shoot with my kids… and I can’t wait to get the photos as the ones on screen looked amazing. I cried. I’ve never had a shoot with the kids something I’ve hated myself for and I’m not even at goal yet and I like pictures of me! We did some serious ones but my favourites were of us being stupid and laughing, that’s us, that’s what we do. The kids forced me to have one taken with Nick which he was not prepared for but game all the same and I’m glad they suggested it, even though at first I was a bit cautious. I don’t care what happens with me and him, this is something to go in the memory book and I don’t want to forget how happy I felt today ever, so it seemed right to get a lovely totally un-sickly shot of us together, just being us, natural, close and happy. He was a big part of today, conspiring with my secretive children to lay on surprise after surprise, it’s been amazing.

Lovely day with the kids and Nick being spoiled and having fun and tonight a lovely hotel dinner complete with chocolate dipped strawberries, I had two. Luscious! We retired very early as our flight is early and I’m just waiting now for Nick to finish getting ready so we can head to the airport at this ungodly hour after 3 hours sleep.

Said farewells to the kids who have tons of activities planned and are so happy I’m going on holiday. Feeling excited, hoping I don’t need a lap belt extension (fingers crossed). No idea where we’re heading next and don’t really care, I’m loving being spoiled and I’m loving not having to worry about any arrangements.

Got passport will travel!



6 thoughts on “Update Numero Uno”

    1. I was so impressed that they thought to get me something wholesome with a thin coating of choc that I was able to hold back, I’ve had a couple more since though. I’m also munching on coconut and not sure that I read somewhere it’s quite high in calories so will probably come back bigger than I left but I will deal with that later 😛


  1. Happy birthday to you, Michelle, and have a wonderful holiday. The photo shoot sounds wonderful – I wish you could share an image with us but I understand the need for privacy. Maybe one day. 🙂


    1. I’ve been feeling more and more lately that I need to put photos on but there are a few things stopping me I might have a talk over them with Nick while we’re away and see if I can make some sense of them and not let them bother me anymore. Thank you for the birthday wishes it’s been a special time and feels like it’s still happening 😀


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