I just noticed that I passed 200 followers while I’m here doing nothing. That’s awesome that 200 people have some interest in something I have to say or have had to say or share. I remember being so excited when I got my first follow which I never expected so this is really humbling.

As I’m lying here sunning myself, rum cocktail to hand, smelling lunch being prepared, I played a little game with myself and tried to remember who my first follower was and I had a few in mind as I went off to have a look. I’m not that good at blogging and had to search a little to find who it was but it was Ginger over at Smasherchyk. Unfortunately I didn’t guess right 😦  But I did recall following her as she was/is on a weight loss quest like myself and although I really do try to keep up to date with as many bloggers who I follow as possible I have not had anything from Ginger appear in my reader and have not read any posts for a little while so as she was my first follower I thought it only fitting as gratitude and to mark the occasion to go and catch up on all that I’ve missed. I had a lovely read and am pleased to see that the quest continues for another of my ‘old school’ of life style changers, 4 months on and still going strong, step by step, little by little getting to a better place. Any of you fat fighters who are doing it the slow but sure way Ginger is well worth a follow, she keeps it real and understands that sometimes we might falter but it’s dusting off and getting back on track that shows our true desire for a better ‘us’.

It just made me determined to catch up more often and to use that list of followers (now I’ve found it) to try to make sure I’m dipping in an out as much as possible. I write a lot (I didn’t get the quality over quantity memo) but I love to read a lot too and I like to comment or at least like where I feel I have something to add. This element of blogging is as important or more important to me than writing. I’ve learned so much that has enriched my life and broadened my experience on this planet by proxy.


Comments make blogging more fun

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