Holiday exercise and eating

I’ve been thinking… we all know that’s dangerous. Why when we come on holiday do we feel the need to stuff our faces and why do we not take advantage of all of the opportunities to exercise that present themselves? I just think I’ve become programmed to associate good times with bad food and the two have become inextricably linked when it really doesn’t have to be that way. I think I’ve had another mental/emotional/habitual food link severed.

I can’t believe that I usually put weight on when I’m on holiday especially somewhere like this where there is so much fab fresh produce on offer, delicious fresh from the sea food, fresh from the tree food, fresh from the ground food! I’m filling up on this stuff like you would not believe and savouring the tastes and flavours, storing them in the memory bank as I know that when I get home all that imported preserved stuff will not taste anything like this.

I’ve practiced sun rise Tai-Chi every morning, ran on the deep soft sandy beach, swam in the sea and made the most of this empty pool, doing 50 lengths of its 13 meters (1500 meters in total) 3 times a day. We’ve played badminton on the beach (or a version of it), we’ve made up our own aqua aerobics work out, we’ve played and laughed and walked miles and danced, had night time sea swimming sessions and it feels like I’ve spent more time exercising than usual.

I feel free and relaxed and healthy and I’ve been in public places in my swimsuit and nobody has gawped at me, not that I’ve noticed, I think I’m so immersed in my own feel good that I wouldn’t notice any looks anyway. I feel like I’ve been here a month, we’ve packed so much in.

I think this holiday has taught me a valuable lesson:  I don’t have to see every happy or celebratory event in life as an excuse to stuff my face and be a sloath. I can enjoy a break even more by taking a healthy approach.

When I get back I’m taking the kids camping for a few days and I’m going to see how easy it is to eat healthy and exercise whilst on that kind of break, something tells me that might be a little more challenging.


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