I Crossed My Legs!!!

Just had to make this startling revelation live as it happened. 

I know it’s bad for circulation but I was just sitting here having a post dinner drink in my sparkly mini skirt (actually knee length but hey hem lines are going up and the legs are sprayed in mosquito repellent just in case!) and I realised that I had crossed my freakin legs and get this… I can cross my legs and lean forward to get something from the centre of the table without hoiking my fat ass in the air!

Brittany Murphy 001
Not quite up to this standard yet but I will be… I will be

Little wins like this make me feel a million dollars 😀

Anyone who knows how impossible it is to cross legs when obese will know that this is tantamount to having performed a triple back somersault across a well manicured lawn… this is a feel good moment and another fabulous achievement.

Not sure if I reported this on the day it happened when I could finally lift myself out of the bath from sitting with my arms instead of having to roll around to an all fours position and contort myself out of it somehow. Please don’t try to visualise this or at least if you do imagine me in a giant hamster costume as I scampered up the back of the bath to complete the manouver.  

Being able to put my own bra on and fastening at the back, managing to get socks on all these little things give us back our dignity and with each piece of dignity we regain, we gather a little more strength and a whole load more happiness.


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