I used to hate mornings they were just another reminder that I had yet another day to drag myself through, at weekends I’d do all I could to avoid them altogether. Now though I love mornings. I enjoy the fact that I woke up to get to live another day and I love filling my lungs with the fresh morning air. I’m mindful that it is not very warm back home at the minute and morning beach Tai chi sessions may be limited and these outdoor morning swims are definitely numbered but I’m thinking that I’m still going to stick to early rising in the autumn and winter and I’m going to wrap up warm if necessary and get out even if only for a brisk walk, energise myself, breathe clear air and start my days off well.

I think I need to live somewhere like this where everyday is condusive to early morning outdoor exercise but as I don’t I’m sitting here thinking that I do have to have a plan to transition my exercise and eating habits from summer to winter back home or else I’m going to hit a rough patch. I’m not a winter person so I know motivation is going to be hard and mentally I will be in a lower mood so this whole joi de vivre could be in jeopardy. I doubt I will suffer from post holiday blues as I am going to be so excited to be back with my kids. I’m not too good at this being without them I constantly feel like I’ve lost something.
Planning is key now and it’s crucial to spot those hurdles and prepare for them. I need to find ways to make as much as possible of any daylight we get in winter and soak up some sun when it shows itself even if that is whilst wearing thermals and a massive coat. I have one amazing thing to look forward to this winter…massive sweaters to snuggle down in. I kept a couple of my old ones and they are going to be so huge and awesomely oversized and I can’t wait to lose myself in them with a good pair of snuggly socks and pj bottoms. That is a luxury I have not had in a while…over sized anything.

But for now I’m enjoying what is left of our holiday, nursing a bit of a hungover man today, he over did it last night but bravely faced morning exercise and breakfast then sloped back off to bed. I need to teach him about moderation. Although it’s given me chance to Skype the kids and to do a bit of blogging and I even braved a few work emails to wear down the pile a bit.  I think I might get myself a huge glass of coconut milk and lie down in the sun and read for a while. Life is pretty sweet at the moment and I’m going to enjoy it but keep an eye on what’s ahead.


8 thoughts on “Mornings”

  1. Sounds like your holiday continues to be awesome! I enjoy outdoor exercise, especially in the fall. The morning air is so brisk and alive. I attempt to stay outdoors as long as I can, but with it’s icy or snowy, my only outdoor exercise is shoveling. I fell and broke my ankle about six years ago and am terrified of slipping on the ice when it comes to outdoor walking or jogging in the snow. The break was so bad that I had surgery, a cast above my knee for a few weeks, and wasn’t allowed activity other than sitting with my leg propped up. It took almost a year before I was walking normally again. I’m a busy-body and it was sheer torture for me! 🙂


    1. Oh gosh that sounds awful. I have a fear of slipping on ice and try to avoid going out at all costs when it’s icy, lucky we haven’t had much this past couple of years. I love the chilly mornings and evenings though, I love the smell of people when they come in from the cold and I love the way it make skin feel so soft as it tightens up your face and gives it a bit of a lift. I would love to be able to jog even a short distance by the winter so I could have a run in the morning but you’ve just given me an idea and as long as there is no ice around I will be perfectly safe on my bike, I might even start biking for a little bit before work and then biking to work. Cold doesn’t have to mean no exercise. I would hate to be incapacitated for too long, even though i turned into a slothful recluse the inner me is always on the go.


      1. I completely love the feeling that the cold gives your face, too!

        I couldn’t run or jog at all before losing my weight. Now, I can take off running without even thinking about it. I still only have enough stamina to run consistently for about 3/4 of a mile, but considering that I used to get winded walking from a parking lot to a store, I’m pretty happy with what I can now do! You’ll be running in no time. With all of this exercise and training you’re getting stronger and stronger! 🙂


  2. I have to say I do not like mornings, either. However, I find that when I get up early and do my daily workout, the tone is set for the rest of the day. I’m not much on being outdoors simply because the allergies tend to kick my behind through most of the year. Although, if I can squeeze in a walk in the evening with my dogs, it isn’t too terribly awful. 🙂

    I’m glad you are having a marvelous time on your holiday! 🙂 I am looking forward to hearing more and living vicariously through you! 😀


    1. Thank you for your comment. I really do think there is something in this setting up for the day philosophy. I am back to work in 10 days or so, the vicarious living might become rather more humdrum, although I have lots of plans to keep life exciting 😀


      1. Sweet! I love living life vicariously through others! 😀 Growing up, the only way we could ever afford to travel to far away lands was through reading . . . and thereby our minds. So, anytime I come across someone who is living life and thoroughly enjoying it or someone who is like me . . . struggling but making it, I want to read more! 😀

        Enjoy your last j10 days of holiday! Sadly, we know how darn fast it flies by! 😮 x


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