Introducing Katie Hopkins… you may not thank me for this

The beautiful Katie and her happy, vibrant, healthy children

You may or may not have heard of British lady Katie Hopkins. I’m not too sure what she does for a living now but she is very opinionated and is probably best known for having strong views which could perhaps be described as “niche” in that the majority of people are offended by her or outraged by her or just simply flabbergasted by her comments. She shares these on social media but for some unknown reason is also given air time on national television all too frequently. I don’t watch the shows she appears on, it’s not the sort of TV I watch, it’s more the day time nothing better to do TV shows where Katie gets to peddle her particularly  harsh views. She clearly knows that having extreme views is shocking and that shocking behaviour gets people noticed. I hate to think what her children will turn out like, they look such a miserable bunch of souls.

She came to public notoriety when she was on the UK version of The Apprentice which during her season descended from genuine ‘get a high flying job with famous entrepreneur’ show to a reality show for wannabes looking for an easy way into the public eye where they could be adored out of some need to replace love and attention lacking in childhood.

Katie considers herself to be very posh and is perhaps deluded into thinking that sophisticated is its natural accompaniment, like a stuck up person’s BOGOF.  But Katie is far from sophisticated, sophisticated people are demure, reserved, intelligent, satisfied and confident. Katie is clearly fame hungry and in need of attention. Perhaps she didn’t have very good parents. Yes that would explain a lot. 

So Katie is known for bashing poor people and fat people among others. She has undertaken her latest publicity stunt highlighted in this article from a really trashy UK tabloid. To prove that fat people are just lazy greedy folk she has purposefully gained 4 stone in weight (56 pounds or thereabouts) so she can show how easy it is to lose it again.

This is how stupid this self professed intelligent woman is. The first thing she should understand without ever embarking on this attention seeking trip is that she has put herself in a temporary state of behaving out of the ordinary, by over eating and not exercising for a couple of months. She has temporarily changed what is normal for her. She’s had to change what is normal for her in order to gain weight and all she will be doing is what dieters have been doing for years and years and that is returning to what is normal to her and the weight will come off of course it will. Just like when a yo-yo dieter returns to what is normal for them and they regain lost weight.

We really must be more clever than Katie to realise this. Katie probably thinks that all fat people are stupid too, she thinks most people are stupid, including people who name their children after locations/places… her own child is called India.  

Katie cried because “fat people made her do this to herself” when she had to overeat and I was glad, because people like Katie with their ill thought out, vitriolic bullying of people who struggle with their weight makes them do just the same, eat and cry. Idiots like Katie Hopkins make people fat. It is good to hear she is having a taste of her own medicine, although nobody made Katie eat and gain weight, Katie chose to do it because whilst she is not hungry for food, she is hungry for attention and fame and money.

It’s not going to be difficult for Katie to return to what is normal for her, we stupid fat people know that. What would be difficult is if she had to continue to live in a way that was not normal for her forever, which is what dieters have to try to do in order to lose weight. They don’t spend a couple of months changing their lifestyle and everything is OK, they have to adjust to a totally new way of living forever.

The other thing Katie is missing of course, is that for many fat people, food is not consumed out of greed, some fat people actually eat healthy food but way too much of it, some fat people even exercise and are quite active and believe it or not fit and even healthy. Katie is too blinkered to be aware of these facts, they mess with her black and white, simplistic, prejudicial brain. She can’t see that for some people overeating is an eating disorder which needs more than a couple of weeks on a diet to overcome. In that sense, having some emotional hang up which makes her cleave to the modern day version of ‘celebrity’, she has more in common with some fat people than she realises. Whereas she uses a need for fame to mask her deep seated emotional issues fat people use food to mask theirs.

Katie comments that it is not nice feeling fat, so surely even her challenged operational brain cell can figure out that lots of fat people are not happy with the way they are and so remaining like that is hardly a conscious choice.

Of course what everyone is secretly hoping (some not so secretly) is that Katie struggles to lose the weight. That would be poetic justice, but that won’t happen as she is rich (as she keeps on telling us) so she can buy healthy food and she can go to a gym and have a trainer and spend time between writing vitriolic tweets (not sure she does much else) focused on losing the weight while someone else looks after her children and takes care of her home. As Katie also bashes poor folk, I’d be more impressed if she managed to lose the weight and provide for her family on a really low income, with no access to gyms and trainers.

Katie will not fail because she would look the fool that she is and the documentary would have proven nothing, so we should take it that she has succeeded in proving her point because Katie will not let her mask of confidence and arrogance slip, heaven forbid we should see the pathetic creature longing for love hiding underneath it all. It’s all a front masking a very weak, insecure woman who hates herself so much she has to be someone else, someone who even she doesn’t like. For that I actually feel some sympathy for her and wish she could just be happy and learn to love herself for who she is without needing to be famous and stop embarrassing her children who are going to suffer as a result of their mother’s campaign to be the most hated woman in Britain. If only she was sophisticated enough to understand what she is doing to them.

Katie might be what she considers attractive (a matter of opinion) but what happens in her mind makes her ugly, she is spiteful, vain and makes a living out of being horrible to and about other people when she really has no pedestal to stand on other than one she has imagined for herself. She has taken fat hating to another level, blaming fat people for what she’s done to herself. Fat people didn’t make her do this, or if they did then Katie has more issues than we initially thought. Her hunger for fame and money did this to her, not fat people.

But, it’s not all bad for people who struggle with eating disorders. She is doing something to help us and that is highlighting the issues faced by people who struggle with their weight and she is generating some supportive comments, not for her, but acknowledging that losing weight is not simply about returning to a healthy lifestyle for some, it’s about much more than that and her publicity stunt may have gained her more alienation from the public but it has also raised some awareness, sympathetic awareness of the plight many people face when they are battling an eating disorder or for people who are trying to recover from a health problem which caused a weight gain.

For further reading about the documentary she has made charting her weight gain and loss (more fame seeking… I wonder if I should make a programme about the mental issues of someone who needs to be famous?) here is an article from the Independent


15 thoughts on “Introducing Katie Hopkins… you may not thank me for this”

    1. I just feel sorry for her kids, they are not only going to be picked on because of their mum’s attention seeking they are going to have to grow up ‘perfect’ because she will lose face if they don’t. It’s sad.

      I feel sorry for even judging the woman but when you put yourself out there with extreme opinions in order to bring attention to yourself you kind of lay yourself open to it.

      She was more ‘famous’ for saying that she decides who her children can be friends with based on their names, so they can be friends with other kids called Charles, Oliver, James, Suzanne, Anglea… ‘traditional names’ but she would not let them be friends with anyone with a name like Connor or Ewan and definitely not one called after a place… the interviewer pointed out that her own child was called India, which she excused by saying that it wasn’t the same as Brooklyn or Paris :S

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  1. She strikes me as a candidate to be a cross between the world’s most obnoxious person and the upper class twit of the year. She reminds me a bit of Arnold Schwarzenegger to look at. Ooooh. Bitchy. Sorry. (But she does).

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  2. This is absolutely spooky, Michelle. Would you believe I was going to write a blog post about the very same article?! I had it actually open in a tab on my laptop to come back to after work! But I don’t need to write it now because you’ve basically said just what I was going to say – to sum up, how DARE she?! If I, as a non-drinker these days (due to my AFib), and as a long-term very moderate drinker decided that for the next three months I would consume at least a bottle of wine a day, or a sixpack of beer, and then, after going back to my normal (which is not drinking), claim I now knew exactly what it was like being an alcoholic and that they only have themselves to blame for being such pathetic addicted losers…I would not, COULD not be that arrogant if I tried, because it’s really easy to give something up if you never struggled with it in the first place! Whatever she is really like, she is presenting herself as a horrid human being and I almost don’t blame people who have commented on the article saying they half hope she fails dismally. It would be karmic justice.


    1. We’re separated at birth haha. I started to write it and then thought better of it then I thought “no, I’m going to have my say” this woman is awful. She’s everything I would not want to be. I would rather weigh 40 stones than be her, she is awful and she is not happy, clearly. Nobody happy has it in them to be so horrid to other people, I’ve seen some of her tweets and she is just plain awful but she knows that, it’s the only way she can make herself famous because she has no other talents.

      I love the alcohol comparison, that is so true.


        1. The woman will stop at nothing she is foul. She will say anything for publicity, just fame hungry and shes not going to get it through talent. I worry about the impact of her actions in her kids…she obviously doesnt.


        2. She’s on our Celebrity Big Brother at the moment and I’ve watched a couple of shows and am not sure if she makes me feel sad, sorry for her or angry at her, she’s playing a strange kind of game but I’ve seen her as a bit vulnerable in a strange way, her need for attention, fame, money is making her a victim of her own medicine and it’s not nice to watch, I hate to see anyone upset or abused and yet she brings it on herself… it’s a tough one.


          1. It’s funny that you say this at this particular time, Michelle, because I had decided the only way to handle people like Katie Hopkins is with whatever degree of compassion I can muster up for her. It must be SO hard to live your life with that kind of hatred towards an entire group of people. Imagine what she must be missing out on. Just because a person is fat, doesn’t make them a bad person, or a person not worth knowing, or intelligent, or fun, or great to be on your side in a crisis. And then there’s the other side of it. What on earth did her family do to her which helped shape the person she is today? I have this picture in my mind of her growing up with a stick thin mother who was constantly on a diet and shoved her own food issues into her daughter’s and other children’s faces from the time they were very young. She was possibly berated for every single pound she gained which put her over a certain size. When you think about it like that, it absolutely makes sense – she is very likely a product of her upbringing, but her desire for fame and exposure, whatever it takes to get her there, has stopped her from realising that she is so very dysfunctional herself because of issues from her early life. And if she doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with the way she is, well, she’s destined to stay in that ugly spot forever. You know what? I actually feel sorry for her when I think of it like that, and think what a poor sad woman she is. And I can forgive her for her disgusting views.


  3. Wow, what a shallow woman. She reckons she’s not going to go to the gym, just put on her old trainers and get stuck into it. I don’t think it’s going to be as easy to lose as she seems to think – she will have to push herself because surely her metabolics will have changed. And she won’t be too happy about the stretchmarks either! I got them when I zoomed up a couple of stone in a short time. Oh silly me, she’ll have thought of that – daily oil massages! Aren’t we mean, to want her to fail. 😀


    1. I think meanness begets meanness it takes an ultra string person to smile at such a person and forgive I try because there must be something terribly sad about her but she purposefully says and does offensive things to upset people so we can o my blame one person for her being disliked.


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