Time to Go to an Aussie Prison

We’re avid fans of Wentworth and tonight season 2 begins in the UK in about 3 minutes!

Myself and my son have had a good nap so we can be wide awake for this… waited so long.

Popcorn at the ready.

Don’t watch much TV but this is unmissable.

Wenworth S2 Generics


2 thoughts on “Time to Go to an Aussie Prison”

  1. Ah, that takes me back! I don’t have cable TV and Wentworth is only shown on that in Australia but it makes me wish I could see it. My sister and I were somewhat obsessed with the original show, Prisoner, when we were young. I think it was called something like Cell Block H in the UK? Who could forget Queen Bea shoving people’s hands into the steam press, and The Freak with her trusty rubber glove? Good times…lol!

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    1. Me too. It used to be on very late at night in the UK and had a real cult following on the back of more popular day time Aussie TV such as Neighbours and Home and Away (I went into labour with my daughter watching Sophie give birth to her baby on Home and Away so that one has a soft spot) It’s great, very different, more glossy and quite graphic. The first episode was a shocker, loved it. They use some of the key original characters but have given them a twist, Doreen for instance is a black woman and Lizzie is a curly haired blonde and Bea is a gorgeous spiral curled red head. Vera is a bit of a shy, weak type rather than the stern officer she was in the original. Noleen the big tough ‘guy’ is now Boomer. They still have lots of goings on in the laundry room.

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