Feeling 21 again

20080116cplis-a-pI did a very silly thing last night… I spent the whole night lying in bed talking on the phone to my boyfriend 😀 

This makes me chuckle. It’s totally crazy at my age isn’t it? I’m blushing with embarrassment, what a hopeless fool. 

I didn’t suffer too much for it today, remembering some of the things we talked about kept me smiling through. 

It made me realise something, that youthful thinking doesn’t disappear with age it just gets put on hold a while and having a second flush of youth isn’t a bad thing. It certainly isn’t confined to the male of the species nor is it always defined by sports cars, hair pieces and way too young women. It is expectations of ourselves and society which make us stop doing the spontaneous things we did in our youth not our age. It’s like life drags us away from carefree abandon, responsibilities make us more cautious anddon-Miguel-Ruiz-quote force us to choose what we should do over what we want to do. We get used to it, to putting the must do’s before the want to do’s and we believe that our familiar more cautious self is just the older, grown up version of us.

Then comes middle age, the kids have grown up, there is more free time, less responsibility, less pressure and that attitude kind of rewinds and there is space for the want to do’s to take more space in our lives and we have a choice to indulge or not. Do we continue to feel social pressure to get old or to be old, do we content ourselves with the must do’s forever or do we ignore all that and rejoice in being able to do what we want to do again, in being able to revisit our young selves? 

It would appear I’ve chosen the latter and I’d recommend it.

I know some people who I’ve blog-befriended over the past few months have never really been able to fully enjoy the spontaneity and splendour of youth and I just want them to know that this journey to387---600 your new self, to the self that you know you’ve always been inside will lead you to a place where you get to enjoy all of that stuff you thought you missed out on or thought was a thing of the past. Your age doesn’t matter, your attitude is what counts and as you lose weight and become fitter your attitude will become a more adventurous one, a more youthful one as your mind becomes more free. You can stay up all night talking sweet nonsense to your boyfriend, you can go camp out at music festivals with your friends, you can skinny dip in the ocean by moonlight, you can sit and make out in the car on a remote hillside somewhere, you can spend a hung over Saturday lying in bed with a takeout watching TV snuggled up after a night out dancing, you can climb mountains, you can try out new things… these things and so many more are still there waiting for you to enjoy them. Your age doesn’t matter, it’s all a state of mind.


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