Poll: Your blogging voice

I know polls can be very difficult to attract responses to but if you have a moment I’d really appreciate it and if you share it even better but no pressure. Reading the post will throw some light on what prompted the poll and why I’m attempting it.

My daughter likes to read my blog and she told me yesterday that it’s struck her how sometimes I write posts in a more formal way and at others in a more natural way. She said “It’s like you have a blogging style and a non-blogging style but sometimes your non-blogging style creeps in almost like your telephone voice giving way to the more relaxed you”.

I was interested by this and thought about it and agreed that yes I do feel I have a blogging voice like my telephone voice. Not that it is contrived, I guess it’s just a slip into or out of the more formal, we adapt our communication styles all of the time depending on our situation and the people we are communicating with and how we are communicating, there is nothing phony about it.

In my professional life I do a lot of research into formal and informal means of communication related to learning and as blogging is becoming a more commonly used teaching and learning media, I’m just curious as to what other bloggers think. Do you feel you have a blogging ‘voice’ akin to your telephone voice or do you feel your blogging voice is always the natural you or like me do you skip between the two maybe dependent on topic.  I know I don’t have a significant enough following in terms of sheer numbers to generate huge amounts of data but it would be interesting to try a small poll and to hear some thoughts.

If you could find a way to share without me appearing to be begging for reblogs or links that would be greatly appreciated. I’m particularly interested in this as I am studying how teenagers (which I teach) absorb information from formal and informal sources and how use of  language can impact on their ability and willingness to learn. One of my goals is to try to use less formal social media to enhance teaching by delivering information in a less formal way and I’m wondering if we all use a more formal ‘voice’ when blogging how that may impact on the usefulness of this particular media.  So anything which gives me a deeper understanding would be really useful.



14 thoughts on “Poll: Your blogging voice”

  1. I think I have various styles going on in my blog. It’s all me, though.

    Michelle, if you are interested in new ways to getting your kids to learn, pop over to the Coursera site and check out the ‘Learn How To Learn’ lectures. The course recently finished but the lectures are all there until the next class starts. I really loved Prof. Barbara Oakley’s presentation style. There is a lot of information on how our brains handle learning – particularly the benefits of switching between focussed and diffuse modes of thinking to increase problem solving.


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