Love me some Tom Jones

We watched a documentary about musical legend Tom Jones tonight and I found it really interesting but more than that it brought to mind so many of his fabulous songs which I’ve grown up with. I’m mindful of the fact that we pay tributes when people die but think we need to do so more when they are alive. Not that Tom is going to read this post and know how much he is adored by this struggling with obesity northern lass but even so…

Tom’s been there throughout my life, my mum loved him as a bit of a young fan girl and my dad loved him because dad just loved that deep, rich, Welsh singing voice. We grew up on Welsh colliery male voice choirs and even had one at his funeral which was moving beyond the beyond. The way those guys sang out as if their voices were the keys to unlock the heavens to receive him. At least that’s how it felt, very dramatic which he would have positively loved and one of those truly heart swelling to bursting point moments of love, gratitude, sadness, loss, hurt, happiness, contentment, wonderment, just a wrenching tangle of emotion as my heart said goodbye.

Anyway back to Tom, this is about him. Allow me to share some of my favourite sounds from the big, beautiful guy. There are so many I love but I’ve chosen these four to avoid posting his whole back catalogue.

First up I Who Have Nothing. Now everyone and the dog has had a go at this one but I love Tom’s version, it’s up there with Neil Diamond’s version for me, although I think Neil’s live recorded version just kills it, it tears my heart in two and jumps all over it but Tom’s is easier to come by and I listen to this version more than any other. I think this is one of the most beautiful songs ever, the whole composition makes me feel that pain, I am running from those bright sparkling diamonds and going with the guy with nothing… how much does he love her? I love it!

Next up, She’s a Lady. I just love this feel good song, it makes me want to dance, it reminds me of dancing and singing with my dad, it makes me feel like a lady, it cheers me up if I’m feeling down and I just can’t help but feel fabulous when I hear this one. It’s on my every exercise play list I have.

Next is a later song A Boy From Nowhere, I love this one because it’s so theatrical, it tells a story which is no surprise given that it’s from a musical but most of all I just love the emotion and power in this guy’s voice it moves me and I heard him in an interview say it touched him as it feels like his story, I love the hopefulness in this one and I guess it just really plays to my love of musical theatre.

Finally a really recent one What Good Am I, I love the mature, tenderness in this one, very different to everything else and a message is in there. I take from it a feeling of futility and fear almost at maybe not being able to step up to the mark and be what you think someone wants in their hour of need. I just love it, it touches my unworthy, useless self image spot and makes me realise that if we feel as if we’re not good enough or can’t do enough for those we love then we’re probably already doing far more than we realise and all that we can and more importantly, all that they need. We wouldn’t stress over it if we weren’t bothered.  I think it’s probably more about inhumanity and prejudice, a lack of charity maybe but for me it’s more personal and I love that about music, it means whatever you hear it say.

So Tom Jones if you’re reading 🙂 thanks for the memories and keep them coming!


4 thoughts on “Love me some Tom Jones”

    1. My daughter moved to Wales and she loves it, she said she really can’t imagine living anywhere else and she’s always had grand ideas for living anywhere but the UK, she said the people are just so happy and friendly and Cardiff is looking mighty fine as a city these days. Loved it on our recent stay.


  1. It’s really nice that he was of such significance in the life of an entire family, Michelle … His voice was magnificent. I didn’t realise he’s still singing; and that last clip shows that maybe he should be a wee bit more selective in his repertoire. But such a voice …


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