Losing the Plot

I originally started this blog to chart a weight loss, or a lack of weight loss, I wasn’t sure which way it was going to go back then and still yet it could go one of two ways… I’m never complacent with these things, been there too many times, although this time certainly has a lot of differences which keep me more hopeful.

On a scale of 1 to 100 I probably started out on this with 25% self belief and 75% doubt. I’d say right now I’m at the 85% self belief and 15% doubt point… maybe slightly more self belief but I’m aware this is not a fixed measure, it’s an ever changing scale and I know that one thing could happen and it could plummet down to 0% self belief at any point… but let’s not think negatively, I’m doing it this time and I’m not going back to the dark side.

But anyway, what I wanted to say (digressing? me? surely not ;)) was that whilst the majority of my posts in some way link to my weight loss/healthy eating/healthy lifestyle/exercise/improved mental state, either directly or indirectly there are some which have sod all to do with it whatsoever, where I have lost the plot. I’ll forgive the ones which are blogging community related or which are part of a challenge.

My recent Tom Jones outburst was one such post and I figured that oftentimes I’d love to blog more about my life’s musical soundtrack but this isn’t the place to do it. However, music does inspire me to move, or it influences my mood or triggers off an emotion or memory which needs dealing with and all of those things are relevant to my struggle with weight and losing it and changing my whole lifestyle, so I might have some valid cross over now and then but I thought it would be lovely to start an aside blog, one which focused solely on music, musical memories, musical inspiration and all that stuff.

I have a blog which deals solely with teaching, practice and theory, resources, reviews of teaching related media from newspaper articles to blogs to TV programmes and I keep that totally separate and also have a post a week rule on that so the volume of posts is low and the audience are purely teachers, academic students of education, student teachers, teachers of teachers and the like. This is mainly to keep it manageable but also because much of the writing is academic and has to be referenced and developed so it can take a while to put together. I do find that I have more than one idea a week now and then and so I start off draft posts as ideas come to mind and they sustain me through the lean when there is not much education news going on or nothing of note to write about that week.

I think I might do exactly the same with my music blog and make it manageable by posting just once a week and not having much text at all, just like Tom Jones post having a lead in to each song, why I like it, what it means to me and that’s that. I’m sure there are tons of other blogs out there which do the same for me to follow and lots of challenges which are music related for me to tap into.

I very much want to keep this my main blog because this is my inspiration for all else in my life, this is what is making me who I should be and is my motivation, this is where I’m me laid bare but I’m plotting things to keep me busy during the dark nights and this is one of them. 

So I’m not a real whizz when it comes to designing blogs, I’m basic at the very best and it’s taking time to get my new blog ready and choosing a name is another thing altogether. Everything I wanted was taken but I’ll come up with something that I will hate in a couple of weeks’ time and can’t change. So from now on this blog should pretty much stick to what it’s intended for and remain focused on issues related to my huge lifestyle change with links of course to my other blogs if it’s warranted. 

I don’t know, are eclectic blogs better? Oh gosh sometimes it’s hard to be a blogger, giving all your love to just one blog, you’ll have bad times and you’ll have good times writing things that no one understands… all together now! Stand by your blogs… 



5 thoughts on “Losing the Plot”

  1. I’m not going to offer an opinion on this, Michelle, it’s your blog and you have to do what you want to do. I made another blog for keeping an online record of my MOOC learning experiences. I forgot to say before now – I like the new colourful background here, I liked the plain pink too. 🙂


    1. I just think it’s something I’d like to blog more about I love reading my own posts about music and having things in one place it’s like creating little mood playlists haha. Thank you although this one reminds me of a childhood picnic cloth and every time I look at it I want a sandwich and a sausage roll :S


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