This post was going to be about my first day back at work with a full day of classes on only one hour’s sleep but it’s changed. After a day of wholeheartedly smiling, welcoming, enthusing and inspiring (don’t I just love my job it’s awesome and so uplifting) and an evening spent being the child as my daughter displayed more insight and maturity than I can on my love life. However I raised that lady and at times I had to pretend I lost the Skype connection so she couldn’t see my smug smile of satisfaction and pride and mistake it for me not taking her seriously. An evening during which I hugged my son and listened to his dreams and for the first time could envisage him as a man and not a baby boy and where I spoke with my beloved and felt awfully sad that I’ve made him feel awfully sad but glad to have the weekend to look forward to, to work things out.

An evening where after all of that, plus eating healthy and exercising (I’m like a robot when it comes to the healthy thing now), a bit of work, some trashy TV with a friend who I didn’t want to talk anything but trivia with, I made it to the blogsphere and I found some fabulously uplifting and honest posts (I love honesty and respond well to it) and among them was this gem which deserves a post of its own. I would urge anyone who doesn’t feel good enough, who doesn’t feel worthy of love or good things, anyone who is unsure, who closes doors in front of their own face, who runs away rather than jumps in to watch this. Take 20 minutes, put your feet up, get a cuppa and enjoy, let it soak in.

Thank you for sharing this Cynthia, fellow blogger (Check Out A Passion Flower), blogsville friend and sister and fellow traveller to a new improved self. It’s hit the spot and I hope you don’t mind me making a post of it, I know some of my WordPress community will enjoy and maybe find this useful to make sense of their own lives.

I also unwittingly inspired myself to write my first musical blog post my  which I’ve been struggling so much with but in response to a comment I spilled out some words and realised they were the words to a song I love and I wasn’t sure what the rest of the words were so I went and I found the song and I was teary smiling as I listened to it.

What an amazing day it’s been, I’m grateful to have lived it and for everyone who has moved me and touched my life during it. I’m blessed. I really am. The WordPress community is the best, the honesty that gets thrown down into this public place to thrash out a worry or pain, to work through a problem to just have a rant, to share and help and uplift is something else.


15 thoughts on “Vulnerability”

  1. It’s past my bedtime here, so I’ll watch the video clip tomorrow evening. I just love the vibe of this whole post. I can feel your happiness in your words. So glad you enjoyed your first day back, and so glad that eating healthy and exercising have become a routine for you! It feels great, doesn’t it? 🙂


    1. Thank you, I am so glad that you say you can feel th happiness in my words because after watching that video the happiness started to come back in, it’s been a tough few days and I’m glad that I am intrinsically happy and that the cheer is starting to lift the gloom I was beginning to think that cake was the only way forward.


      1. I’m so glad the happiness is coming back. Cake is tempting, but it’s lovely frosted path is the road to hell!! (Totally kidding!) However, I did spend the evening doing a mixed media painting of a big frosty cupcake for my friend who can’t eat cake on her birthday–so cake has been on my mind! 🙂


        1. Cake is never off my mind haha. I could never paint one, I’d be stuffing the paper in my face. Oh gosh sometimes I think I ought to have a cake a week, even have a girlie cake a week session where we have a selection of cake and tea and just forget about being healthy for an hour like thin people do.


  2. A wonderful positive post. Very inspirational.

    On another note, and feel free to delet this, if you use more than 15 tags and or categories your post won’t show up in WordPress Reader. Basically people can’t find you by searching the tags you use. The reason I know is it happened to me so now I pass on the info to others. I hope I’m not overstepping.


  3. Your enthusiasm for life is amazing. It’s catching too, the blogosphere is benefiting from your journey! Thanks for paying it forward (ugh, I hate buzzwords…) with the video 🙂


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