Weight loss update down 81lbs

OK so you know I just get on the scales when I feel like it, I don’t have a weigh day and today was one of those feel like it days. I’m about to go to bed but figured I’d spread the positivity after having been a bit negative lately.

In the 11 days since I last weighed in I have lost a further 4 pounds, bringing my grand total lost to 81 lbs.

It’s slowing down and will slow down more. I have lost 81lbs since April 2014 that is 36.74kgs or 5 stone 8 pounds, I’m not carrying that weight on my back when I’m walking or living anymore, I don’t have to expend as much effort to just stay alive and do ordinary things so my formal exercise is stepping up now as I get fitter, thinner and my stamina builds. That will compensate a bit but I think my days of massive numbers are gone.

I’m not reducing my food intake at this point in time or at least until after I’ve made it through the winter and so I’m about to start a new slow determined pace to get out of the obesity zone on the BMI chart.ย 

It’s going to take time and hopefully now I’m 81 pounds down, I have more time, it’s not such a hurry as it was when I was killing myself. I knew this would happen, I was prepared and I’m ready for it. Progress is progress and I’m not down playing a 4lb loss because that’s fabulous by anyone’s standards, but I know it can throw you off when you’ve been losing big and it turns to a trickle.

If you’ve just spotted my story, I’m 47 and I started off at 347 pounds and I’ve done this with eating and activity. Eating has been healthy in the main, following a low fat, sugar and salt route, minimal carbs, tons of fresh stuff, gallons of water. Activity started 5 months ago with sitting in a chair clapping like a walrus and now involves all manner of things, walking, gym, cross fit, running, tai chi, swimming, boxercise, dancing, cycling plus extreme house work and gardening.

I eat a lot, I have a big appetite, I set out on this quest determined not to reduce my food intake but to change the food I intook. The amount is better planned now and has shrunk somewhat as some days I just can’t eat as much especially if I’ve had a massive work out, but largely I stuff my face good and well. I don’t get hungry. Rather I am not going hungry.

I also tackled the demon in my head and found that bugger was the biggest battle and beating itย was the key to this and so that fight has been raging on for a while now and I’m winning, some days there are intricacies of the demon which I have problems strategising against so I just charge at it like it’s a door someone is hiding my children behind and I knock it and myself off balance until I can figure out the smart move.

It’s a fight, it will always be a fight, I know that and that’s why this time is different, that’s why this time it’s not even hard to do and this time I’m sure it’s going to the kill. The demon and I will have our show down, like the final boss on a PS2 platform game, I’m getting stronger, I’m learning skills, I’m building my armoury, I’m figuring out moves, I’m going to get that sucker. Until then I’m happy to be a victor in training and today I realise I’m not such a bad student.


16 thoughts on “Weight loss update down 81lbs”

    1. It is. I don’t know where I muster this energy from. I keep hoping I don’t get an injury as I really don’t want the exercise to be compromised I think that is what keeps me going, I notice when I skip a day I have a bad day next day in terms of a lower mood. I don’t do rigorous exercise every day I only do 4 days a week, 2 days with Darren the rest I keep it fun and light, dancing, just some gym machines, a bike ride but the days I’ve done nothing I’ve been very restless at bedtime and then woken up moody.


    1. Yes, it does but I’m having real trouble sleeping lately, I keep napping and dozing and just not feeling tired enough to sleep which is good for reading but I don’t think I can survive a week of it. I’m hoping that once I’m back into work I will settle, I think my mind is just so full of things when it has been empty for so long that it’s just preventing me from settling.


      1. Perhaps it’s from getting so used to so much activity, too. I often feel the same way. I have so many happy endorphins coursing through my brain from exercise that I can’t settle when everyone else does in the evening. I can also relate to having a full mind. Before my weight loss, I was home most of the time doing nothing but eating and worrying. Now, I feel like I’m living for the first time in so long that my mind is also much more occupied with good things. I’ve been trying (since yesterday lol) to establish more of a settling down bedtime routine where I do something restful about an hour before bed (read, hot bath, tv show, etc.) It helped last night, so I’m going to give it a try again tonight! ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. Thank you and thank you for dropping by. It’s a tough road. The main rules I live by are to not deprive myself, if I want something I have it in moderation ie one cake instead of a whole bake and if I have a bad day I leave it at that bad day and start afresh tomorrow but I never allow myself two bad days in a row, that’s a definite no-no and I eat a lot which will have to be addressed to get me into that normal BMI but it can wait until I’m over the winter.


      1. I have to get back at it. Was on a good roll with losing weight a couple years ago, then once people started noticing and commenting, I guess I panicked and gained it all back and then some…I can’t keep ignoring my health, or how much better I will feel when I do this…


        1. I am going to blog about something along these lines but I have really strong feelings about that getting to a point where others say I’m OK or where I feel OK and how dangerous that has been for me throughout my life.

          That is the spirit think of it as healing yourself, making yourself healthier, prolonging your life and being able to enjoy your life more, even if it’s great already it will be even better. When you see food as fuel and medicine for the body instead of something that satisfies a craving in your head your attitude to it totally flips. Some of what I knock back is awful but I do it to remind me that it is not there to be enjoyed it’s there to do a job. When I do let myself have something really ‘fun’ I really relish it and enjoy it so much more. It’s amazing how great one cupcake tastes when you’ve not had one in a month, far better than 4 cupcakes every day.

          When you have a bad day just tell yourself I’m normal, I’m human, skinny people have bad days too and tomorrow I’m going to crack on with getting back on the right road. Don’t beat yourself up, that’s how one day turns into a week, a month and the weight comes back on. Never deprive yourself either. If I really am craving a cake really bad I have one, a small one but these days it doesn’t happen much, in the beginning I was having treats every other day but it was good, it was better than I had been doing previously and gradually I got stronger and was able to say no more often.

          You can do it and thank you for your comments.

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          1. Thank you for that kind and thoughtful comment. I know most of the battle is in my head, and I need to be in a place where I am finally ready to listen to my body and what it needs. I am going to get there, and I thank you for this dose of reality and encouragement. It means much. Again, congratulations to you on all your hard won successes so far!!


    1. So true I’m winning so far. I am going to do this because just feeling so much better makes me realise how much life I was missing I was already half dead. I can’t stop thinking of those extra years with my kids and the quality of those years now.


    2. It really is and that’s why it’s working, this time I know it’s buying me more time and I want more time I have so much left to do and I don’t want to be doing it sitting in a wheelchair on oxygen being pushed around I want to do it walking and running and enjoying every minute for as long as I am able.


  1. Congratulations on the 81 pounds! That is an AMAZING amount of weight to lose!! You have a motivating mindset – you know what you must do and you know just how it needs to be accomplished. You are not going to let past errors (I have a hard time using the word ‘mistake’) in judgment get in the way of achieving your goals. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you so much for sharing your journey with us! ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. It’s a pleasure, thank you for reading it, it inspires and motivates me.

      I am really trying to not be a fat person in my head any more and I’m getting there, I really am and to me it feels more like I’m healing than dieting and I think that’s because that is exactly what I am doing.

      It’s great to be beating something you battled your whole life.


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