Normality Restored… or not

I’m sitting in my lounge with my feet up feeling very sleepy as I had about an hour’s sleep last night and there was me thinking I had this insomnia thing licked.

What is really strange is that my daughter and I have a very synchronised sleep pattern, we always have had since she was born and I spoke to her just now and she said that she’s really having trouble sleeping. Now isn’t that something? She’s hundreds of miles away from me. I always say that I sleep better when my kids are close but this is crazy, if it’s separation that’s causing it then I might have to bring her back. I miss her so much, it’s strange how you miss the smell of your kids and just crave to hug them, it’s awfully hard being away from them when you know it’s probably forever now and not just a few days. It would be weird if it’s her not being here which is the problem. It must be time we got together again.

Nick and I had a lovely long talk last night, well early this morning, and I feel so much better now. I went to bed for a little while but he slept before me and then I got restless so decided to blog a bit. I wondered if I am still running on Caribbean time but I was a night owl before that. I finally had an hour or so sleep and then he was bouncing around making breakfast, we’d decided not to get up early and exercise today, I needed a day of rest and that’s what I’m getting.

We spent the morning snuggled watching crappy films and he’s cooking me lunch now, fish and steamed vegetables and stewed apple and rhubarb for dessert. Yummy. I love rhubarb and it’s one of those negative energy foods, or it was when I last looked, where it takes more calories to digest it than there are in it. So theoretically if I stuffed my face with rhubarb I’d get thinner quicker. I am not about to try that one.

I am in this for the long haul, slow and steady just like this relationship. It’s going to carry on as it was and we’ll just see where it goes, I feel much better like that and I’m sure it will go somewhere, I feel more like I can relax and just be in love now and that’s a good way to feel.

I might doze off after this lunch, comfy in the arms of someone who actually listened to me and understood me. That’s rare in the men I’ve met.

Happy Saturday everyone! Hope yours is as peaceful and tranquil as mine.


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