Swedish diet

Check this out posted originally by Rob over on Weight2lose. It’s interesting for those who follow a low carb diet such as keto and also good news for anyone struggling to stay away from their favourite butters and cheeses (not me, I achieve decent loss eating butter and hard cheeses) so I do believe there is something in this.

Swedish Meatballs


4 thoughts on “Swedish diet”

    1. I saw a documentary a long time ago which did all kinds of scientific experiments and concluded that whole fat dairy products not only helped the body break down fat but were essential to absorb important nutrients. The Swedes do come across as culturally very healthy in a holistic way too so an interesting one to watch.


  1. I’ve said this in the past, and I hope that it doesn’t sound too conspiratorial, but I wonder if the anti-fat, pro grain movement is a product of the big grain companies. Will we be looking at obesity and its causes much the way we look at lung cancer and the tobacco companies?


    1. I think so Rob. There is so much of an underhand nature that goes on in the world of big business and the diet industry is HUGE. Weightwatchers was a Heinz company and even when they sold the weightloss clubs element of the business for around 300 million dollars they would not let the ownership of the Weightwatchers food branding go, waaaay too lucrative.

      It’s like any industry they have to keep a market and more than creating obese people I think it’s shameful how thin people are nowadays, what used to be a healthy average size 12 in the UK is now positively huge, girls are size 4’s and 6’s and feeling fat at an 8. When I was a young girl there was no such thing as a size 8 in the shops and all of the sporty athletic girls were size 10’s and 12’s.

      Trouble is it’s unsustainable they kind of starve themselves as teens to stay thin, that kind of fends off proper development from girl to woman but eventually it happens and at around 19 the hips pop out, asses swell and the body goes on a rampage to get it’s womanly shape which was designed for child rearing. Now these girls are stuck because they already starve and now their body has rebelled and taken shape what can they do to make it shrink again or not get any bigger? They beast themselves to passing out in gyms and starve a little more, or throw up what they eat, or they do actually get fat and they’re then life long customers of Mr Heinz and co.


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