Tuesday. Mood Music, Big Knickers and Bananas

Sharing a funny little post by Rob over at Weight2lose2013 about having ‘the moment’ disrupted and music to get you back into ‘the moment’. A light read to raise a smile on a Tuesday. Who likes Tuesdays? it’s the poor relative of the week isn’t it really? We need all the help we can get with it.

Prompted me to write an entry on my Music Blog. This is why reading other people’s blogs is good practice when you are a blogger and it’s not just about churning out your own stuff. Not only do you develop your community or network but you find posts to make you laugh and posts to make you cry and you find inspiration for your own posts too. Don’t always rely on the WordPress Reader although it is a good place to start, but I rarely spot the bloggers I follow on there so do go in search once in a while if you have time and have noticed an absence. It does look like blogger stalking when you do this though and find there are four or five posts you missed and you feel compelled to comment on all of them, but don’t worry, we all know how good it is to hear a voice back from the blogging world.

I’m already in class waiting for my eager students and raring to go after a beasting with Darren at 5am, a quick swim with Nick and a bike into work, hair drying in the wind, clipped up and still a little damp, feeling fresh and full of energy and in big knickers, I didn’t care that he was there this morning, that lace chaffed yesterday and had me hauling fabric out of my crevices all day which is not good when you’re standing in front of 20 teenagers a time. Better just quickly slap my face on before the students get here don’t want to scare them away just yet.

Nick made some fabulous chicken and leek soup yesterday from Sunday’s left overs while I was at work for me to have for lunch today. I can’t wait, I’m starving already. The trouble is with getting up so early and doing so much exercise is that there is a long gap between breakfast and lunch. To combat that I have half a breakfast before exercise and the other half when i get to work but today it didn’t touch the sides. I’m hoping for a chance to cram a banana in after my first session, daren’t go for it now as I’ll be starving again by 10am. Hoping a big glass of water will take away the pangs.

Happy healthy eating day and happy blogging folks! I hope today that your reading finds you at least one post to raise a smile, inspire you in some way or even comfort you and that your own writing will be enriched as a result and that your healthy eating goes as well as it possibly can, don’t deny yourself but remember your goals.


One thought on “Tuesday. Mood Music, Big Knickers and Bananas”

  1. I’m honestly so impressed by you! I’m not an early morning person. I’m actually getting ready to go to the gym in an hour or two. I don’t like to get there too early because the pool is being used for classes and I just want to swim laps after completing my floor and weight routine. Have a great day! 🙂


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