Absolute Beauty

In response to this Word Press Daily Prompt asking if beauty is in the eye of the beholder I’d say that there are people who find different things beautiful and an idea of beauty can shift but what is more important to me is that beauty should be in the eye of the holder, or in other words we should be aware of our beauty more importantly than concerning ourselves with what other people think of our aesthetics.

I feel that when we do hold our own beauty in high esteem that our appearance of beauty to others shines through not only in our looks but in our confidence, our intrinsic happiness our self awareness.

Beholding ourselves as beautiful is to know ourselves for who we are. We are all beautiful and it’s sad that for some of us it takes a long time to realise that.


4 thoughts on “Absolute Beauty”

  1. It’s sad that so many people can only feel beautiful if other people tell them they are. It’s more sad that physical beauty has a far higher premium than inner beauty; beauty such as strength, survival, achievement, knowledge, compassion and so much more. Good post


    1. I totally agree and thank you. It just struck me when I saw the DP title how preoccupied we are with external beauty and with what others think of us when the world would be a better place if what mattered was what we think of us and the world saw our internal beauty first. We have it all wrong.

      I’ve had partners who have found me completely beautiful from first sight and others who I’ve grown on as I wasn’t their type, and to others no doubt at the end I was down right ugly. But the people in my life who count are the ones who see who I am inside, beyond the exterior. That acknowledgement of all those qualities you list is not fleeting, we don’t stop all of that one day as we grow old and our external ‘beauty’ diminishes. Those things are forever and fortunately some people see those things and love them.

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