Food… what were we meant to eat?

We were having a little chat earlier about what we were intended to eat and if you think about it, there are limited foods which we can do absolutely nothing to, just take from the tree, the plant or the earth and eat that taste really yummy.

Even if you discount grinding or mashing or any kind of attention other than perhaps peeling, a lot of it is horrid. I guess fruits are the  exception and perhaps some vegetables, salad veg being the obvious, but then aren’t cucumbers and tomatoes fruits too? I know lettuce is bearable but much more so if it has a little spattering of a dressing on it.

Can you imagine when we were hunter gatherers before fire when we’d maybe all sit down around our rock to share a lovely cabbage? Oh gosh I would for sure have been the one to invent cooking.

But then, so many of the foods and drinks which we consume which contain essential nutrients are actually, when you think about it, perfectly edible without doing anything to them. Starting with the obvious water and milk, then moving onto things already mentioned like green leaves, we eat raw spinach leaves in salads, think of all of the nuts, berries, grains even (although a bowl of dry porridge oats wouldn’t be the easiest thing to get down) seeds, water, juices and saps from plants and trees, fruits and vegetables. What about coconut, now there’s a good all rounder… drink, food, scoop, bowl, cup and make shift bra all in one.

These things thrived where there was human life to support OR human life thrived where there were these things to support it, whichever way you look at it, I’ve not wish to get into any evolution or creation debate. Fact remains that it makes perfect sense to consume as much of this raw naturally occurring stuff as possible surely. It’s what we were meant to thrive on, it had everything to keep us healthy, strong, fit and functioning. Time has shown that lots of the body’s defenders and healers are in these very foods.

I’m not saying they are a cure all, who knows how long we used to live way back when, we know our life expectancy is increasing nowadays but who is to say that before disease and over processing and pollution we didn’t live to ripe old ages and we’re just returning to longer lives?

I know it’s difficult to get any of these products with total guarantees of their having been produced free of chemicals or modifications, I discovered that even growing your own organic produce is a mine field and heaven knows what the water has in it and I’m talking about the stuff which falls from the sky and springs from the ground let alone the type we get from our taps.

I don’t think we were ever really meant to enjoy food, what do you think? I wonder if it was intended purely as fuel and if we consumed it as such, squatting in mud under some shelter, miserably munching on a pile of muddy ground nuts, spitting out the bits we couldn’t swallow before we realised that if we took the shells off and added some salt and laid them out in the sunshine for a while on a rock they’d be bloody good. Did our natural inclination to improve things and to innovate take us to a place where we began to mash and blend and eventually cook? Was making food taste good all just part of our development and sophistication? I suppose it began in weaning children, mashing seeds, nuts and grains with a squirt of breast milk to pop into their mouths and someone realised it tasted a bit better, maybe after licking fingers clean. Have you tasted breast milk? I was surprised at how sweet and watery it is (it was my own I couldn’t resist having a sip and I did express it first).

I imagine we started by mixing good stuff ie Orange juice with nasty stuff ie raw duck (early duc a l’orange) but what compelled us to eat the nasty stuff at all? I’m going to have to find some time to research the history of food unless any of you in the know want to point me to some interesting info…

One thing is for sure though, if we eat more of this stuff it’s not going to do us any harm and it’s a shame we are just being told what we should have known since time began, if it was there to support life, it had a purpose, a raison d’etre. But then what about things that were around us and were poisonous? Oh gosh I’m going to go to bed now and will not be able to sleep because I’ll have this whirling around in my head, such as I am… inquisitive by nature.


3 thoughts on “Food… what were we meant to eat?”

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    1. Good point, I thought of that too, why would we have taste if it wasn’t supposed to taste good and we weren’t supposed to like it. But then I’ve never seen a dog turn down a piece of chocolate because it was too sweet or a budgie ask for some sugar on it’s millet. Maybe to them that stuff tastes divine.

      We have to wonder what we are doing to pets by humanising their food really, no wonder there is a growing problem with pet obesity. Or maybe, especailly bearing in mind the comments between Rob and I on my Swedish diet post, that is the whole poing. Now there’s a lucrative new start up, diet food for pets. That will come next and will be as popular as the human versions.


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