Update – 85 lbs gone

Phew, what a busy week it’s been. I  had a weigh in and found I’d lost another 4lbs since my last weigh in nearly two weeks ago so that’s great,  85lbs in total shed now. I’m not bothered that it’s slowing, I know I’m building muscle mass and strength and that’s great, it’s making me more supple and flexible and generally stronger. I used to have such weak arms but that’s becoming a thing of the past, I might yet manage a pull up one day! I can dream. In fact I’ve learned to dream more, dreams come true, scratch that I will do a pull up one day.

Only 8 more segments of Tracey to go too! Look at her disappearing! She’s a fantastic motivational and visual progress tool.


I love that I’m fitter and stronger it’s making a difference in so many areas of my life and even though the pounds are not dropping so rapidly I feel leaner every day, my posture is hugely improved, I carry myself better, I stand taller and I feel more graceful and elegant and I have a much lighter step. I’m becoming more of a lady don’t you know. Ain’t that strange? That it’s taken heaving tyres and weights around for me to feel more like a lady? The ironies of life eh?

I can now do 12 burpees in succession too, I was tasked with doing 10 yesterday morning and I pushed on to 12. Remember I am still heaving about a huge weight here, I’m still a good 90- 100 lbs off a normal weight so 12 burpees is amazing… and don’t forget I’m 47 years old and less then six months ago I was only moving to get to work and the kitchen and back.

Mentally I’m so much more on fire, I retain information so much better, I focus so much more easily and I just feel sharper in the head, I’m on the ball when it comes to work, I’m keeping on top of everything and then some, I’m motivating those students like never before and am such a better teacher now than I was. I just have more fire and energy and I definitely laugh more.

I’m setting up my own business at the moment as well as my usual teaching but I’ve been offered an opportunity to teach in higher education, me a university lecturer, now that’s some good stuff which I don’t think I can say no to, so I have to do a bit of time juggling and maybe have to face that Tuesdays will be a no exercise day as I simply won’t be able to fit any in but I will bike or walk to work weather permitting and I will run up and down the stairs during the day at least and maybe fit in a quick hip hop abs session before bed. Crikey, that’s a rest day now! See how contagious and infectious and compelling movement becomes and so quickly too… it’s great. One of the few things in life where the more you put in the more you get out.

Love life is going great, Nick is firmly a part of my life and we’re in love and going with the flow, spending weekends together and having long soppy Skype and phone call sessions during the week.

The kids are amazing, doing so well and continuing to inspire me and fill my heart with love and joy.

Life is good and whatever crap there is, because life always has crap,  just gets sucked up and spat out again, too many good things are happening to dwell on crap. Live is good when it’s balanced but even better when you can jump on the good side of that scale like a big see saw and let it spring that bad stuff up into the air and out of sight and mind.

Hoping to get some blog reading done this afternoon, I’m home alone following an interview, I wanted an hour to discuss this opportunity but a trainee kindly offered to jump in and have a go with my classes and she is great so I was happy to let her have some sink or swim time which will give us plenty to discuss tomorrow.


8 thoughts on “Update – 85 lbs gone”

    1. Thank you. I think I had a near death experience, it’s not as easy as I make it sound, I think I came dangerously close to multiple organ failure and expelling all of my bodily fluids simultaneously on the last one but fortunately I kept it all in.

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