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TheirNameisTodayENI got myself a review copy of this fab book, Their Name is Today – Reclaiming Childhood in a Hostile World by Johann Christoph Arnold by default as a friend of mine who teaches in early years education managed to get two by accident, however if you live in Aus, UK or USA you can also get a free copy (there isn’t even any P&P to pay) for a limited time only by following THIS LINK. You do have to sign up to a newsletter but that’s no biggie and it’s actually quite interesting anyway.

The book is a must read for anyone who works with young children in any setting and for parents, grandparents, child minders, aunts, uncles anyone who has contact with kids. It focuses on cutting out the damage the world does to children and through thoughtful teaching and parenting to ensure that children enjoy the right to experience the wonders of childhood.

It’s not an airy fairy book, it’s practical and useful and I’m sure there is something in there for everyone to learn or at least think about. The link up there has some information about the book and the author too if you need to check out if it’s for you or not but I didn’t think it would be relevant to me with my kids being older and me teaching older kids but there was plenty in it for me. I understand myself a little better now and maybe for others who feel they have issues stemming from childhood they can read something which will help them stop hating and blaming themselves and start to see how they were maybe let down by the institutions set up to help their childhood be happy, carefree, constructive experiences.


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