Update on Katie Hopkins

Well, well, well what a turn up for the books. Remember my post on Katie Hopkins, vile creature, fat and unemployed basher who had made herself overweight by almost 50lbs so that she could prove to fat people how easy it is to lose weight? Click here if you missed it.

Well here’s an update and another current story in the UK which is linked and I apologise for it not being from a quality newspaper but they are tied up with Scotland and the Middle East at the minute so this Daily Mail article will have to do. Briefly it is that of a lady who is 25 stones and unemployed, living on state benefits who has said she would like to lose weight and go to work but she knows her weight is stopping her. She has no confidence, she doesn’t look right for employers, she is discriminated against and whilst she seeks to blame no one other than herself for her predicament she has publicly stated that if the government increased her benefits so that she could afford healthy food and to go to a gym or to buy some home equipment she would lose weight and get a job as her appeal, confidence and health improves. Here’s an article for information although listening to her put her point across is far better if you can find a clip.

There has of course been outcry about this but when you think about it the lady has a point. It is not cheap to eat healthily, to cook fresh when there are processed meals available so cheaply, when takeouts are so cheap as outlets compete and as it always seems to be the choc and biscuits on offer in the big supermarkets. Surely investing a modest amount of money, even in healthy food vouchers would be a small outlay for a potentially huge long term saving as the lady loses weight, goes to work, stops claiming benefits and perhaps staves off the need for any state funded obesity related medical interventions for the rest of her life.

Anyway I don’t wish to dwell on that story, it’s background for my main point and as such was essential to summarise but step forward Katie Hopkins with her view point. Katie Hopkins who by the way is clearly losing or has lost her weight gain.

katie-hopkins-christina-briggs1Everyone is expecting Katie to be as obnoxious and vile as usual but no, she understands the 25 stone lady’s plight. She sympathises with her and on a TV interview actually affectionately touches the lady to show support, compassion, humanity, understanding.

She actually supports the overweight benefit claimant’s request! Hater of the fat and unemployed has turned a corner. She said that she now understands there is an invisible number of people who are trapped in obesity, locked away behind closed doors, incapable of helping themselves, too ashamed to go to a gym, too poor to buy appropriate healthy foods who are being let down and ignored. Whilst she still stands by her previous view that lazy over eaters get fat and the route to slim is to eat less and exercise more, she understands that some days herself being just slightly over weight and that being purposefully self inflicted, she gets to her front door and just doesn’t want to go out, she doesn’t want to engage with the world because of how she looks and how that makes her feel and the cycle is something she now understands because she’s experiencing it.

Now is this the real Katie we’re seeing, one who realises that she underestimated this issue, that there was a lot to being obese that she didn’t understand, is this the newly enlightened and educated Katie who realises that being obnoxious isn’t essential for fame and riches or is this Katie putting a spin on her upcoming documentary, realising that she has upset a lot of people who are unwell out there, she has decided to paint herself as the fat person’s champion?

Whatever it is, Katie is now doing good in my opinion, she is showing that there is far more to being fat than eating and moving, there is a psychological element which you can only understand if you are fat. She understands that losing that fat is not as easy as she imagined, it’s not as easy for a fat person to go to a gym as it is for a thin person there is a whole bucket load of issues that need to be overcome first. She sees that healthy eating is not within the reach financially of so many who are unemployed and living on benefits. She sees that many are not living on benefits out of choice but because they are not well enough in the body or more likely the mind to find or hold down a job, they often lack in confidence and they are discriminated against by employers.

Katie herself said she would never employ a fat person and so how can a fat person on benefits get off benefits and afford to make themselves thin? She’s woken up to so many issues and I applaud her for acknowledging that and for not just continuing to be obnoxious to save face by making out that she doesn’t see another side to this whole fat/thin equation now.

You know I’m actually hoping that she uses her outspokenness on this issue and her infamy to do some good and starts to work to raise awareness of the issues and to stop this discrimination and fat bashing that has become so acceptable and which contributes to keeping fat people fat.

I really hope she does and if she does then she has my respect for that and all of her past sins will be forgiven. If it takes a fool to change the world then so be it but I think that just maybe Katie is showing that she’s not the fool everyone thought she was and she is woman enough to own up to being able to admit when she was maybe not wrong, but definitely not 100% right.


8 thoughts on “Update on Katie Hopkins”

    1. Yeah I did kind of wonder if she is just trying to save face realising that she didn’t know what she was talking about but if she is going to champion the cause for obese people then I guess it’s a good thing, she could well have seen this as her opportunity to turn around public opinion of herself. She has categorically stated that she still thinks there are those who are just lazy and eat too much and that’s true but she really seems to see the difference between obesity and gaining a few pounds now.


  1. I have a strong aversion against Katie Hopkins for many reasons, many of which is because I usually catch her on This Morning (ITV) being terribly malicious and unnecessarily rude, but even I was shocked by this.

    However the overweight woman I struggle with. There is a massive massive stigma for over weight people in the Uk and in the original article with Closer magazine, the lady says, she gets a takeaway at least once a weekend and her children like a regular trip to McDonalds and also that she has a choice she can’t afford both apples and crips so she CHOOSES to buy crisps. She has the disposable income yet she chooses to spend it on takeaways etc.

    I am a full time student and survive on around a quarter of what she does and I manage to buy fresh healthy produce.

    I’m glad Katie Hopkins is finally showing some empathy but I think the next step would be for her to meet a variety of people and see just how they do it. ❤


    1. Yes I didn’t want to get into the ins and outs of the ability to afford a healthy diet on benefits as that’s a debate in itself but brought it in as the background to the developments with Katie.

      I always try to show how it can be possible to manage a healthy diet on a low budget, how to save money and to get more value for your money because I remember being poor and I remember how hard it was to live healthy but then how it became possible with a few adjustments and sacrifices.

      There was a point on my blog where I thought of doing a side blog on how to do healthy on a budget because so many people think it’s impossible but there are ways to manage it. Even now I still rifle through the reduced sections of supermarkets, go to the butchers and fishmonger at the end of the day, grow my own herbs and now lots of my own veg, even before I had proper beds I did it in cheap window boxes and planters. I still buy fruits and veg for juicing that are in the past their best sections and my local grocer keeps oranges and lemons that no one would buy for me to use for juice and to make citrus salad dressings. I also ferment kefir and kombucha which we all enjoy as our probiotic daily drink and our fizzy pop with its natural effervescence.

      I totally agree that it is possible on a very tight budget. I’ve done it before on hardly any money and I used the stairs as my exercise equipment and my floor and music to dance to, tins of beans for weights, an old bike inner tube for a resistance band.

      I’ve even used my kids as weights which they loved but I got the odd face full of drool.

      With our benefits system as it is it works out that a single mother gets around £80-90 per week per child in benefit (then money for herself) and I definitely do not spend that per week on my children after housing costs. I know that is somewhat reduced now that there is a bigger shortfall between benefits and rents and benefits and council tax but even so that is a hefty amount to get per child and if there is a special need it is higher. I manage to feed myself and my son on about £40 a week and that boy is almost 15 and growing by the second and is already touching 6 feet tall with muscles everywhere.

      BUT for some people it is difficult, if they have debts, even if they are residual from previous relationships or times when they were working and could afford to pay a credit card or overdraft, for anyone trying to play catch up on bills or overpayments of tax or tax credits or for those who simply don’t have access to as many choices as others. I’m lucky that I’m mobile and have a car and can shop around in an area where the cost of living is low, where there are many outlets for fresh meat and other produce as options to supermarkets or expensive corner shops and I’m a decent cook who can rustle something up out of nothing and I realise that is a dying skill. I still think that supermarkets offer more reductions and savings on fattening foods and low fat, diet options are often much more expensive. But sometimes that has to be about education, the weightwatchers brand is more expensive for instance but is it actually lower in fat than the stores own brand… many times not. So there are many factors at play and we’re all individual and we have to recognise that, for some it could be very difficult to do, maybe not for this lady but for some it is tough. The education matter needs addressing, maybe this story will encourage more people to share the ways they do it on a low budget, but some people have a shopping list engrained in their brains and can’t get away from the fact that crisps are not an essential part of a child’s diet for instance. I know people who fill cupboards with crisps and biscuits and the salad draw in the fridge with chocolate bars and then say they can’t afford fruit so I know where you are coming from there.


  2. I remember your other post on Katie, but hadn’t heard of her before here in the US. It sounds like she enjoys the fame of being outrageous, and I hope her change of heart is sincere. I’ve lost weight as a low income person, and I’ve lost weight as a middle class person. Both are doable–it’s all about choices. However, the ability to lose weight when you have a better income is easier. I can have the help of a doctor, a weight loss counselor, a dietician, and a trainer. Plus, I have access to a nice gym and swimming pool. All of those things have made my loss quicker and more enjoyable. That being said, for the past 14 years before I lost this weight, all of those same resource were available to me, but I didn’t have the desire to seek them out. I was wrapped up in my food addiction and using it to get me through the stressful times. If this lady is truly ready to lose weight, she can make better choices with her food, and exercise in the space that she has. There might even be free support groups if she seeks them out. I’m not against people receiving benefits when they need them, but I do believe that it’s possible for her to make better food choices and to find ways to exercise without a gym. (I exercise at home on the days that I don’t feel like going to the gym.) I would also think that her healthcare benefits would include some counseling and she could certainly use that to discuss the issues that are causing her to overeat and make poor food choices.


    1. Some good points. In the UK we also have schemes whereby obese patients are offered free membership for 12 weeks to weightloss programmes like Weightwatchers or Slimming World (not sure which one GPs are referring to at the moment) we also have reduced gym memberships for unemployed people, free public transport and free gym passes as well as free access to psychologists and counsellors, dieticians and weight loss experts, there is some regional disparity about what is on offer and there may be waiting lists but through the NHS there is a lot of free support for anybody and more if you are unemployed.


      1. That’s awesome! I’m sort of jealous of your NHS and I wish the US had a similar program. We pay high taxes here, yet we really don’t personally reap the benefits of our taxes (at least not the middle class). My insurance covers no weight loss services and I’ve had to pay completely out of pocket for all of my doctor visits–and they’re expensive. It would make sense for insurance companies to cover weight loss solutions for savings in the long run by preventing serious, more costly, health issue like diabetes and heart disease. Our system makes no sense! 🙂


        1. Definitely, I think that’s the NHS’s stance that prevention is better than cure, they do a lot of work at schools and in the workplace and community to promote healthy eating and there seems to be some move towards recognising over eating as an eating disorder but there is a way to go and with the way the government is playing with the NHS at the moment who knows if such services will become more widespread or if they will disappear.


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