Cold in more ways than one

So winter appears to be approaching here in the UK. It’s dark and wet and cold… very cold.  OK so it’ s not that cold but we’ve had a long period of decent temperatures for this little island and so suddenly needing to seek out warm spots for feet in bed is something of a shock to the system.

I’m also full of cold, as in the viral type. I’ve pretty much maintained a healthy constitution for a number of months and had forgotten what it feels like to be less than 100% health wise lately. So the double whammy of feeling unwell and the down turn in the weather are combining to make for gloomy days.

BUT, all is not lost as I do LOVE this cold chilly autumn time, I love the cold wind blown smell when people come in out of the cold, I swear that is enhanced when you live by the sea. I love snuggling down under furry blankets and watching TV without the sun streaming through the windows at 8pm, I love bowls of steaming hot homemade soup and lovely meaty stews.

I also love going out shopping for clothes which are half the size of the winter clothes I had in the wardrobe. I’m beginning to enjoy clothes shopping and how fabulous that this season all of these lovely patterned, gorgeous knit poncho and blanket type throw on cardigans and sweaters are in fashion. I would have loved them when I was huge, they would have been easy to wear and covered up all manner of lumps and bumps underneath. But  now I’m not so huge I still love them.

I feel somehow more like me in baggy loose clothing. I can see why people who lose a lot of weight find trouble clothes shopping, it’s another part of ourselves we become familiar with, loose, baggy, stretchy and it’s quite a brave transition into tight and fastened and fitted, even for me who has been there before it’s a big step to imagine in your head that you could look good in something like that and that you don’t have to have something big covering up your waistline, belly or bum anymore. It can be quite difficult to shake off the feeling that someone is staring, some lump or bump has made a bid for freedom or maybe you don’t look as good in it as your mirror suggested. I will overcome all of that when I get there. Let’s not get carried away I’m not at that point yet but I’m on the way.

Yesterday I felt so wretched, I’ve been burning the candle at both ends setting up my business and everything else, so I indulged myself with a bag of mini cheddars. I love them so much and it felt good to be chomping on those cheesy baked not fried snacks. I only had a mini pack. I can’t trust myself with things like that in the house, I would definitely, even now, chomp through all 6 of the mini packs. Nobody else likes them in the house so I bought a six pack and dropped the remaining 5 into the food bank donation trolley at the supermarket. This is something I do now when it comes to treats, it works well for me. Anyway, even when I wasn’t healthy eating I always thought the baked not fried Mini Cheddars must be low in fat… WRONG!

Take a look at the fat content of the little wolves in sheep’s clothing:



5 thoughts on “Cold in more ways than one”

  1. It’s cold and miserable here right now. I haven’t taken to shopping, since I’ve not been nearly as successful as you have in my journey. I do like loose, baggy clothes, though, especially while lounging around the house. It’s all about comfort for me! I hope all is well!

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    1. Hi Rob, yes all is well. I’ve been so busy with everything going on that blogging took a hit. I read on the go and find commenting from my phone very arduous (you will probably note some of my phone made comments here and there, they are appallingly bad in terms of grammar, spelling, construction) so I maybe seem less present than I actually am. I have a few drafts in the bag so hopefully now I have a little break in the usual craziness of life I’ll find time to finish them off.

      I think I’ll always love baggy clothes. They are the next best thing to nothing in terms of freedom of movement. My daughter, when last here raided my pile of things that I’ve shrunk out of, especially last year’s winter woolies, all of the cardigans mainly and took loads back with her. They were ridiculously over sized on her but she loved being wrapped up in them, she’d often disappear with one when they did fit me. I think she only wears them in the house, I didn’t keep any because I couldn’t get away with wearing them out of the house myself as they were beyond comfy big and being publicly wearable.

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  2. Great idea to buy an unhealthy snack in a multi-pack, take one packet, and drop the rest to the food donation trolley. I often want something a bit sweet (or unhealthy), buy it and then eat the whole packet of 3 or more servings. Or throw the rest out. Going to think about doing this in the future.

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