100 pounds

I’m near this monumental number in terms of weight loss and its taken since April to get here.

One of the images which has kept me going, and anyone who follows me knows I use many visual motivators, is this one.


This is a picture of what 100lbs of fat looks like. I used this picture after 50lbs loss to spur me on to do the other half of the image and now I’m almost there I’m stunned by how easy it has been to rid myself of the second half of this huge mass of crap I’ve been carrying around.

The first half was a struggle the second wasn’t because I got into some good habits, I learned to love myself, I began to accept help and advice, I started to enjoy being me. The work that went into the first half put me on the crest of a wave and helped me ride that second half in.

I still have a way to go, I still need to shed another half table load of fat at least but I know I can do it, I have no doubt. It will be slower and there will be more struggle ahead as I really put my shoulder to the wheel and get those last pounds off but what I wanted to say was, look at it, look at what I have carried around inside me and know that without starting, without losing that first chunk of fat I would never have cleared this table.

Each one of those chunks was shed one by one. One at a time. Each one of those chunks was my goal and the table just filled with them until this was my achievement. Make your goals small but keep your focus big. You can do it.

If I could lose 50 pounds I could lose 100 and if I can lose 100 pounds I can definitely lose another 5 and so the next phase begins, piece by piece, step by step, just like the beginning.


11 thoughts on “100 pounds”

  1. Great motivational picture! I’ve just restarted my fitness pal, to lose some weight before Christmas. I find it really useful because it holds me accountable for EVERY mouthful I eat. I particularly liked what you said about, “if I could lose 50lbs then I can lose 100lbs.” That’s a really good way of stopping that mid-programme give up that I suffer from! I look forward to reading about your progress!


    1. Thank you. I find that reflection on what I’ve achieved helps me keep going I’m not going back. This picture is in my kitchen along with my other visual motivators and just makes me feel good about me which always helps to kill a food urge.


  2. I’d be planning on its taking 90 weeks to lose that much weight. Six months is what it’s taken you; so you’re still going too fast, Michelle. It may seem wonderful now, but 26 weeks to lose 45 kilos … you’re DIETING. And that means that you’re going to have to diet for the rest of your days, or see it come back. I’m not trying to be alarmist: I’m trying to make you slow down.

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    1. I know M-R and as ever I am thankful for your wisdom. I have slowed significantly now and those big losses are a thing of the past I ate loads I just over did the exercise and I had a lot to lose so it was dropping fast from a huge shift in lifestyle but now it’s about slow and steady. Overall I think I’ve averaged a 4 pound per week loss but now it’s 1-2 a week kind of thing but I’m not beating myself up over a stay the same or half a pound I’m heading the right direction.


      1. Thank HEAVENS ! Nothing would be worse than your making whatever is your goal, and then sitting there starving and wondering what to do. Whereas when you get there from a nice slow and steady approach, you won’t even notice ! 🙂

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        1. That’s the real key now to long term change, to make it so I don’t notice you are so right. With such a lot to lose in the early days I needed to see fast results or I would have become disheartened but now my mind set is much more healthy and my approach is very much long term. I have to be able to control my eating always not just until I hit goal. Right now the thought of eating a normal pizza makes me feel unwell I know what it would do to my body but it would only take me to get over eating one to have another one and another and then were back to square one. So some things are forever changes of habit. I still use the Pitta bread pizza recipe you gave me right at the beginning so it’s not total denial just adaptation.

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    1. Thank you. It’s not felt like hard work but then the latter part of my journey has been more about dealing with emotions and the food and exercise just carried on as good habits. My emotional battle was and is far more challenging but every step brings me closer to self acceptance of the inner me and understanding that food doesn’t have to be my go to any more.


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