How Times Change

I came across this today… someone figured that Taylor Swift’s new song Shake It Off went well with this 80’s video from an aerobics championship. Genius.

This is a great song to have a bit of a dance to, especially on those days where this whole weight loss thing feels like a bind or you’ve had some douche rain on your parade. Just get up and shake it off or if you can’t get up and do it, sit in your chair or lie in your bed and just shake your arms about, play it loud and you will guaranteed feel better afterwards. Get up, go wild, nobody is looking and if you have kids they will spontaneously join in and before you know it you’re having great fun and burning off calories and getting fitter without even realising it. Trust me, it works, I did it in the beginning and I’m still doing it now. Instant mood lifter.

But anyway…what struck me, besides wondering how I ever thought I looked good in those high leg aerobics pants and reminiscing about the days I would have given those high kicks a run for their money, was that many of these aerobics experts/leaders/champions/instructors whatever, would by today’s standards be considered on the larger side of acceptable. Back then they seemed so skinny that ever having bodies like that seemed not only impossible but undesirable… these were the too thin Barbie dolls.

There are two versions below not sure if both play universally but can try each/both as they are slightly different.


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