Here’s the stats…

So here I am. I began this journey on 04 April 2014 too scared to get on the scale to find out how overweight I was. A week later I had already made progress enough to realise that I had to know what the damage was and had to give myself something to aim at and hold myself accountable against. On 11th April 2014 I discovered that this is what I weighed, having no doubt already missed out on capturing the first week big loss that often happens with a significant switch in eating and movement.

Starting Weight         24 stone 11 pounds        347lbs            157.4 kgs

This is what it looked like when I finally decided it was time to have a look at the controversial BMI situation months later


I found that I had been in the Super Morbidly Obese category and that meant that my weight was going to cut my life short. I was a single mother of two amazing children and I had risked leaving them in a world without me. I’m not sure I’ll ever forgive myself that. But, by then I had already shifted enough fat to be on the border of Morbidly Obese and just plain Obese. The next weigh in pushed me over that line and I found myself just obese. For some that would have been a horrendous thought but for me it was music to my ears. My doctor said that this meant I had significantly reduced the chances of contracting or dying from an obesity related illness, but I was not out of the woods yet and I knew there was still a way to go. On 7th November 2014 these are my stats:

Revised Weight        17 stones 10 pounds       246lbs                111.58kgs

and this is my BMI, sitting in the mid obese range and heading towards just overweight. I can’t wait to be just overweight but I will have to because this is a long, steady slow road to getting to a normal weight and more importantly, staying there.


I’ve lost 101 pounds which is 7 stone 3lbs or 45.81kgs.

I know that I’ve had a faster loss than I would anticipate at this stage in the past couple of weeks but I think that is nothing to do with exercise and diet, I think that is due to my cycle having returned to normal and so showing fluctuations in shedding of pre-menstrual water and all that palaver. I’d had no cycle at all for a long time and then something intermittent and now a perfectly healthy normal cycle again for the first time in years and so I guess my weight loss stats will reflect losses and gains which reflect that and so I’m ready for some fluctuations, familiar from weight loss efforts in the past. When we groan when everything gets blamed on our weight as fat people some of it is actually true. How fat affects menstrual cycle I don’t know but if it affects that then what else does it affect that is not as obvious?

I don’t have weight loss goals set against time frames but I really want to be looking at a sustainable 1-2 lbs a week now and as I adopt eating and exercise habits which I can continue long term as part of my every day life and also as I seek to shrink without leaving myself with saggy skin, something I’ve avoided thus far.

Out at the onset of this I developed a visual motivational tool to help me to lose the first 10 stone or 140lbs of weight and that visual was Tracey who you can read about in my introductory post here: Meet Tracey

Today Tracey looks like this and serves as a constant visual motivator on my blog home page and also as a paper version with removable sections which has been on my dining room wall since April.

14 pieces gone 101lbs lost
14 pieces gone 101lbs lost

So I have 101lbs gone and still a way to go. Tracey still has 6 chunks to be vanished away, that’s 49lbs alone and that still won’t be enough to get me into that normal BMI range, I’ll be at 197lbs by then and will still have around another 30lbs to go to get me safely inside that normal weight BMI.

I guess that is my ultimate goal but it could be that I never get there. I’m at a UK size 16 at the moment, a 14 if it’s got stretch and can’t imagine losing another 80lbs and not looking emaciated. But we’ll see. Emaciated is not a look I’m up for, I want a little bit of meat on the bone.

So this is just a milestone, 100lbs is quite an achievement for someone who thought she’d never get past the first 14lbs. I’ve found that although weight loss is a great indicator of success and a real boost at times, it is not everything. There is so much more to tackling obesity than losing weight.

I’m so much healthier, happier and mentally well than I was before. My life is enriched, my children have a better mum and I just feel as if the fog in my head is clearing, a fog that had been there for a very long time and is still very thick in parts but we’re working on that. I rest better, I trust more, I let go of control, I allow myself to be loved and cherished, I see opportunities, I have a different perspective on life. It’s about so much more than losing weight and while those targets are there, they are somewhat wishy washy because all of the other stuff means so much more to me now. Improving on my quality of life is what spurs me on but it doesn’t hurt to celebrate a little triumph along the way and without a doubt my weightloss and lifestyle change has been the catalyst for so much more change in my life and so as the foundation for it all it deserves a little bit of a hell yeah!

I am always mindful that it took me years to get to the state I was in and so I’m happy if it takes me years to get out of it, this early fast progress has been inspirational and is a fantastic building block or foundation on which to base the rest of my life and my slow and steady weight loss in the future.

Thanks to all of my followers in the blogging community who have commented, liked, asked questions, spurred me on and encouraged me every step of the way and put up with my ramblings and wobbles and given me sound advice and lots of laughs. This really wouldn’t have happened without you all, you’ve been my counsellors and partners on this journey and I think of you as valuable friends, who have offered me more understanding and human compassion than many of my real life ones. I’m truly grateful but unfortunately I have to inform you that there are years of this to go yet 😉


12 thoughts on “Here’s the stats…”

  1. Well done, Michelle, every little bit downwards makes you healthier. All you need to aim at, once counting pounds isn’t an accurate guide, is your waist measurement which relates pretty closely with BMI: measured midway between bottom of the ribs and top of hipbone. Our Heart Foundation says that, regardless of weight, height or build, 80cm (abt 31.5 inches) is the risk benchmark for women. Anything over that suggests too much fat is still coating the internal organs – heart, liver, kidneys and pancreas – which can cause chronic disease. (Measurements for Caucasion and Asian women.) A waist of more than 88cm (abt 34.5 inches) puts one at high risk of chronic disease. Uh oh, mine is 89cm. :-/

    After Tracey has vanished, you could have a giant tape measure on your wall? 😀 I’m going to make mine right now!


    1. sent before I’d finished..

      My waist is now 33.7 inches so that would be right with what i think about losing 90lbs leaving me emaciated and with the heart disease theory.

      When I started I didn’t know where my waist was, as you can see I didn’t exaggerate when I described myself as a huge shapeless mass. But where I think it was i was measuring over 50 inches.


  2. Sorry , it keeps sending my comment before I’m finished.

    I have developed more of an hour glass shape now which I’ve never had before. My exercise has lifted my bust and bum by at least an inch and really firmed it all up and I think my diet of virtually no fat and very low carbs with a total removal of foods I was allergic to including wheat has reduced bloating and also my gall bladder was crying out for help and was always distended and no doubt i had an enlarged liver too because of that, so with all of the attention to detox, diet, exercise I feel that I’ve resculpted my body.

    Even when i was slimmer in the past I didn’t have such a good shape and I believe it’s because I was slim but not healthy and still suffered bloating and fat in the wrong places.

    This is why when people ask what I eat I’m reluctant to say because I think we have to get our own individual diet right for us. I don’t feed my son the same as I feed myself because he has other needs. I keep his diet healthy but he has a ton more protein than I do and he guzzles lots of dairy as he’s a growing teen, he also has more carbs as he needs that for his energetic lifestyle. he has an allergy to some berries and also he hates fish (unless its deep fried with chips) so I have to think his diet up totally differently. We are all different and need to find what suits us.

    I think this is why rigid text book diets have never worked for me long term, they are not suited to me and my body and my life. We can take guidance from experts but we are the real expert on our body, we just need to inform ourselves using all of the information out there via the internet and books and include the things that are good and remove the things that are bad and find our own way of mixing them all into our diet on a weekly basis.

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    1. Haha. Thank you. Popcorn is actually one of my diversion foods. I forgot to put that on my tips post. I found a way of making it with no butter and I sweeten it with honey making it into kind of clusters. I feel like I’m having sweets or some bad snack.

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    1. Thank you 😀 I’m going to write about how I feel at this milestone because it has surprised me that for some reason it made me feel unhappy. I want to explore that a bit to try to understand it. I think it might be good to understand why I felt that way and how I rallied from it. It couldb help explain the yo yo cycle better for me. I’m good again now but for a day or two I was knocked off my rails emotionally. Fortunately I don’t use food to set me straight anymore but it was a curve ball when it happened.

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